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  1. Lua


    There is a way or any guide to make the top1 updater works? Thanks!!!
  2. Sorry but how did you fixed it with this method?
  3. Lua


    Hey! I tried some ways to reproduce them with no success. At the posts they dont mention how to do it. Thats why I decided to start this topic ^^
  4. Lua


    I'm thinking about opening a server but I feel discouraged. Was looking for bugs and exploits over there and found this posts: * "Changing Birth Map to a Map with big letters = GS Crash!" * "ide say that theres infinite stats exploit, (they add the stats directly to the character, not stats points)" * "Gameserver can also be crashed by spamming apply to guild packets, but this applies only to gameserver containing ascaron." * "GroupServer loses socket connect with GateServer" "However, I have found that of MP_TEAM_CREATE() send ToGameServer data to GateServer." I propose us to discuss and share fixes if you have/want lets help this community to growth! Thank you all
  5. I saw some1 saying that serialize crashs the gameserver too. Is it true?
  6. Lua

    server .exes

    ofc. Tell me if you find something too
  7. Years passed, and I decided to come back with an old project. I would like to know if there are any reliable and PUBLIC .exes to use nowadays. I looked for some, however I needed one with some modifications, such as ANTI-WPE, CheckCanUpgradeSkill, this new CallSync bug, (heard something about a FaceBug too??? idk what is this haha). Again, I am here asking for some PUBLIC releases. I know people sell this kind of service and ofc I respect your job. But if you want to help me, I'll appreciate it so much ^^
  8. Hello @V3ct0r, there is a way to use this with .exes with the wpe protection? I mean, personally i would like to use some clean .exes but this kind of protection is essential. Thank you
  9. sorry but what this .dll actually do?
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