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  1. Lua

    Comments cleanup tool

    any1 got a new link for this?
  2. Lua

    Quest item drop

    yeah, but what about the Quest Mission ID?
  3. Does anyone know where is located the tie between Quest Item Drop ID and Quest Mission ID? I've searched several places on characterinfo and can't find anything Thanks~~
  4. Lua

    Stolen Files

    This discussion does not make any sense. Verax clearly posted this stolen website to intimidate LPO administrators, and this forum do not support this kind of attitude. DONE.
  5. Random. I quitted my project because of this bug, sad zz --Edit Not really :'/
  6. [OFFTOPIC] @Totoka did you fixed the invisible icons ? (client side).
  7. Lua

    New Servers?

  8. Lua

    New Servers?

    1) I played Scrotos till it closes. 2) I just got mall points from ADM because I did some server updates for him. And he never hide it from anyone. Everyone knew it. (around 50usds) 3) Yes, all this records are from the most "populated" pks from World Pirates. Just check: in the first video 50 ppls inside CA. After that we got less and less players till it closes. 4) At this video (abba) time, server is almost died... Maria's goes for Dream's guild due to balance the pk. We tried our best to not let server die. 5) I quitted for like 1 week at max (to play Mermaid Pirates thats just opened), then I back. 6) You have no arguments even evidences. You also lost track of time... I do not know why I'm arguing with you, everyone just knows how you are. BONUS TOPIC: You guys just quitted from LPO because ur guild was the worst guild that ever existed on ToP. You guys didn't share anything with members. It's TRUE, don't try to argue because you KNOW it's true.
  9. Lua

    New Servers?

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Check this youtube channel (my guild channel) and you will see me in all greatest servers pk. https://www.youtube.com/user/loberine13/videos?sort=dd&shelf_id=0&view=0
  10. Lua

    New Servers?

    Lua, superceLL, kes, Illya.
  11. Lua

    New Servers?

    OMG, you need therapy.
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