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  1. Sorry but how did you fixed it with this method?
  2. Lua


    Hey! I tried some ways to reproduce them with no success. At the posts they dont mention how to do it. Thats why I decided to start this topic ^^
  3. Lua


    I'm thinking about opening a server but I feel discouraged. Was looking for bugs and exploits over there and found this posts: * "Changing Birth Map to a Map with big letters = GS Crash!" * "ide say that theres infinite stats exploit, (they add the stats directly to the character, not stats points)" * "Gameserver can also be crashed by spamming apply to guild packets, but this applies only to gameserver containing ascaron." * "GroupServer loses socket connect with GateServer" "However, I have found that of MP_TEAM_CREATE() send ToGameServer data to GateServer." I propose us to discuss and share fixes if you have/want lets help this community to growth! Thank you all
  4. Can any1 please share this exes with english game.exe?
  5. I saw some1 saying that serialize crashs the gameserver too. Is it true?
  6. Lua

    server .exes

    ofc. Tell me if you find something too
  7. Years passed, and I decided to come back with an old project. I would like to know if there are any reliable and PUBLIC .exes to use nowadays. I looked for some, however I needed one with some modifications, such as ANTI-WPE, CheckCanUpgradeSkill, this new CallSync bug, (heard something about a FaceBug too??? idk what is this haha). Again, I am here asking for some PUBLIC releases. I know people sell this kind of service and ofc I respect your job. But if you want to help me, I'll appreciate it so much ^^
  8. Hello @V3ct0r, there is a way to use this with .exes with the wpe protection? I mean, personally i would like to use some clean .exes but this kind of protection is essential. Thank you
  9. sorry but what this .dll actually do?
  10. 1) Full area map for the region 2) GameServer instant closes when executed 3) GAMESERVER_136
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