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  1. Hello @V3ct0r, there is a way to use this with .exes with the wpe protection? I mean, personally i would like to use some clean .exes but this kind of protection is essential. Thank you
  2. sorry but what this .dll actually do?
  3. 1) Full area map for the region 2) GameServer instant closes when executed 3) GAMESERVER_136
  4. * 0-9 skill bar would be sooo useful * mod that show if an item is tradable/deletable/stackable And thanks @V3ct0r for the great contribuitions
  5. Lua

    Comments cleanup tool

    It simply doesn't change anything on the archive ://
  6. Lua

    Comments cleanup tool

    I tried to compile using vs2019 and it compiles correctly (but the program doesn't work as it should). Should I use another version of vs?
  7. Still getting the error "database (character) initialization error" ://
  8. Sorry but I'm having an error while opening the GameServer "database (character) initialization error, please check"
  9. You should try to follow this guide http://pko.coffeecup.com/
  10. Nice job It seems that some people still care about the community. What we see today are people who know "what to do and how to do it" and appears only to say that they know how. Anyway, I'm not saying that you should do a job for free. But I think we've gone over the point as a dead game community.
  11. check your log files and post them here. May we can help.
  12. The main problem is how to set up a monster under the char. I was checking a server with mounts system and I find it done using a function similar to the swings/rb wings. They changed the animation of "flying" to "sitting" and somehow the wings effects for the monster animations. It is far away from my knowlegde, am just saying how it can be done in a "simple way". And of course this is not all. You need to prevent people using skills while mounted, the char position above the monster and so on...
  13. what a nice initiative!
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