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  1. you have to have 2 VPS, 1 as Main and one as Sub, configuration would look something like this. Main GateServer can configure normally without needing to enter anything from Sub GateServer. on VPS Main you will turn on the server completely and on VPS Sub only the GateServer and make sure that the necessary ports are open. Sub GateServer.cfg [Main] Name = Main-Server-Name [GroupServer] IP = MainServerGroupIP Port = MainServerGroupPort [ToClient] IP = Port = Game.exe Port [ToGameServer] IP = Sub-Server-GateServerIP Port = Sub-Server-GateServerPort Main GameServer.cfg [Gateserver] gate = Main-Server-GateServerIP, Main-Server-GateServerPort gate = Sub-Server-GateServerIP, Sub-Server-GateServer-Port
  2. Message me on discord: Lonely#7307
  3. are not Corsairs files and not Source Code.
  4. Unchained Pirates Server Files: The Server Files includes: Clean Databases for SQL 2014; Query for Databases; Server Files exes and cfgs; GSPRO.dll ( GetPlayerMac and GetPlayerIP without the need to use LuaSQL ); Fix for Apparel Limit ( GameServer and Client Side ) ProxyServer.exe; Client Files; Website (V3ct0r Based) - PKO Ripped Design Change Player Name Guild Change Name Redeem Code Item Mall Award Center Donate Page Rum Shop Vote for Rum Points Reputation for Credits Panel Administrator Ranking Vote Game.exe Mod's Player name icon. Guild Icon. Resolution has also been changed to match the size of Corsairs Online. among other modifications Encrypted .Bins for more information just look at the Server's New tab https://discord.gg/y3x7ksaqEb Contact: Discord: Lonely#7307 full authorization has been given by Snails to sell the files.
  5. Source Code Corsairs + Server Files Visual Studio 2019 / Realese and Debug New WPE Protection Encrypted Images for .clu Encrypted .Bins Encrypted .Clu Mounts Fixed Portal Info AutoTrace NPC Info / Monster Info Select Itens Monster Drop / Monster Stats Server Timer Client Side no Crash Server Side no Crash Items Temporary / After the end of Cooldown the item is inactive everything on the list is already fixed among other vulnerabilities. https://pkodev.net/topic/5595-corsairs-online-sources-bug-list/?tab=comments#comment-30430 Discord: Lonely#7307
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