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  1. depending on what variable is used, it has to be at the very least 'host' => $host, cause you wanna pass the variable to host, not the question marks.
  2. I can code it for you. Price depends on complexity (as in if you want any extra functionality apart from patching and tweak protection). Can provide with my work examples upon request. Although I have to say that patcher does not prevent users from tweaking their clients (maybe does from those who have no or very little experience with coding).
  3. Gameserver can also be crashed by spamming apply to guild packets, but this applies only to gameserver containing ascaron. Open wpe, start recording, apply to guild, start sending packets and gameserver crashes within seconds.
  4. <?php $host = ", 3707"; $database = "GameDB"; $user = "game"; $pass = "Y87dc#$98"; $conn = new PDO("sqlsrv:server=$host ; Database = $database", $user, $pass); $query = "SELECT cha_name, job FROM character WHERE mem_addr > 0"; if ($conn) { $stmt = $conn->query($query); $fetch = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); if (is_array($fetch)) { echo "Имя игрока, профессия<br />"; while ($row = $stmt->fetch()) { echo $row['cha_name'].", ". $row['job']."<br />\n"; } } else { echo "Нет игроков в сети."; } } else { die("нет соединения."); } ?> Стоит заметить, что job хранит id профессии, а не само название. Я так понимаю, должен быть какой-то дополнительный функционал, чтобы отобразить собственно название профессии.
  5. I can code a website for you, cost depends on the complexity and features you want to see. Can code in either php or python. Hmu if interested. The picture below is a website coded for a project I'm working on (python).
  6. I'm assuming split returns a list of table values? if so, you need to compare the opening time to the current server time. I'm unsure what would be the best and some real quality code, but pseudo code would be as follows:
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