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Found 12 results

  1. Hello guys! I don't know if you already know me but I am Satan, i was staff of these games that u may played before: Lost Paradise Online, Pirate War Online, Eclipse Online and Pirate Island Online. I'm also an old member of this great community. I'm here to show you some of my work for the game and if you are interested in any of them or anything you want to do (Lua Scripting), feel free to contact me. Completed Addons: Lone Tower Instance Improved Guild System + Guild Bank (NPC BuyPage) Plant the Bomb Sandy Beach Dungeon Maze Information NPC Pirate Island Online Server Files: This server files was developed by a request a customer ask me for, i was one of the staff members and got total permission and agreement of the owner of the features which was made for it. The Server Files includes: Clean Databases for SQL 2008; Query for Databases Server Files exes and cfgs; Custom Server Launcher; LuaSQL.dll; Custom Bin Compiler; FilterServer v2.2; XeroShop (IGS); SQL Password Generator; Client Files; Common Features: Very organizated archives and scripts; Dream City PK In-game Shop - IGS; LuaSQL.dll; OfflineStall(); AfterEnterGame(role); server_timer(); player_timer(); GetGameServerName(); GetChaTempBagItem() + Belt, Handguard and Bracelets for temporary bag; GetPlayerByID; SafeBuyGuild(); SafeSaleGuild(); SetLock(role); GetItemQuantity(role, slot); SQL Injection[]; WPE/RPE Protection[]; Ping Fix[]; Colored Nicknames with necklaces; Player Level display near their name; In-game Database; GM Tools, using userdata and &Lua command; Functionally Antidupe; Cached common .txt files as like: CharacterInfo, ItemInfo, StoneInfo, MapInfo, SkillInfo, Skilleff; There's a link which contais a PDF file with more features and information and a Youtube channel with some videos about the game: Pirate Island Online - Overview Pirate Island Online - Youtube Channel There are lot more that i didn't mention in that file cause it will take what? almost whole day to write and i forget most things i made before also, omg ... Price: $70. Other completed requests: Massive Wipeout Furnace of Immortality - Scroll to store apparel effectiveness Fairy Fusion Mod Ring Fusion Mod + Custom Glow PK Mode System In-game Database: finditem, dropinfo, mobinfo BOSS Summon Event Blessed Chest Event Automated Drop Event Special Apparel NPC Admiral Cloak + Enchant + Glows Horoscope Sign + Visual Effect + Boost Shadow Walk Skill BOSS Dungeon Balanced PK Map: Doesn't matter equipment, gem, pet Custom Map Damage: Melee and hit chance VIP System: Attribute bonuses, visual effect, rewards once being VIP, npc with FAQ and VIP Status Payment Method: Paypal Other brazilian payment method . Contacts: PKOdev -> @Satan Discord -> Eviles#2759 Skype -> satansyn6 Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/valdineyeviles Gmail -> [email protected] Thank for your time , Satan !
  2. Hello community of pkoDev! I have come today today in order sell services and files. Lets get straight to the point. Scripting Services I offer a very limited variety of scripting services, let me make it clear, "service". I will not join a team to open a server. Here is a small list of things I can do, please do take note it's only Lua. Modify existing functions/system in order to make it easier for your use; that includes being able to add, modify and remove things easier than adding a new function per thing as it's currently on many functions by default. Simple Functions Fairy System Ticket System Upgrade System Create scripts for maps, can be simple or complex, depends on how hard it's for me to actually create it. It can be instanced or not. Rush Capture The Flag Create custom quests for killing monsters and players within certain maps and being certain class. In case you don't know how to use my guide. Fix general errors or make small things for you. Price may vary depending on what you want. Server Files I'm selling my custom server files, I have written a basic PDF file (which I can't upload here) which contains almost everything visible/noticeable by player. Link: MediaFire (PDF) since I can't upload PDF files here. Back-end functions or missing features in PDF file: Unseal equipment modified and done all the up to level 295. Leveling can go up to 300 without severe jumps. Created an offering system that gathers data from nearby players and then summons a monster on an average level multiplied by a factor (70, 90, 100 or 110 percent) to test their skill. It then gives a reward too all players (killer, summoner and other) who participated. "Rush" map/instance can be switch onto a more balanced player-versus-player map by just adjusting 1 variable so all classes can player equally. Abaddon and Sacred War scripts have been rewritten for more clarification and easier use. A new teleport function has been made and therefor all teleport scripts have been remade for easier modification. Newbie Chest has been remade and placed under a single script. There are a bunch of remade functions and newly created ones by me which I may have forgotten. Details: Server version is 1.X or 2.X, whichever you like. Include things are files (with the mentioned above) and patch for client. Limits are 20K (for ItemInfo and CharacterInfo) and 125 (StoneInfo and MapInfo). Price: $150 USD via PayPal, negotiable. Completed Things: A reworked version (scripted from scratch) of Infernal Abyss which is easier to modify, adjust and customize. This includes the ability to add/remove normal and boss rounds easy and ability to add items rewards to any round. Added the a few more customization requirements for entry as well. A reworked version of "Chaos Argent" as stated in my server files. Make double effect gems, an example being this here. Contact: Discord: Angelix#2836 PM through pkoDev.
  3. Hello Guys ! I'm trying to create a function which will display portal information such as: open every x, portal duration, map information, but i get stuck on returning if a portal/map is opened or not. Actually i'm using Split() to retrieve data from an array similiar to ctrl.lua SetMapEntryTime. Any idea on what i should do to checking if portal/map opened or not and opening intervals if possible? eg on what i'm doing: -- Array for timing configuration. EntryMaps.Conf['garner2'] = {"2006/10/18/11/0", "0/1/0", "0/0/30", "0/0/45"} -- Sample of Split, to return values from array. local Table = EntryMaps.Conf[mapName][1] local Value = Split(''..Table..'', '/') Some preview of the NPC using the scripts: https://gyazo.com/def32c0f24f78ce13906f5c5b6fcd166 Thanks!
  4. We need someone who knows how to do his job properly specially when it comes on fixing bugs and doing new features. What we need? - Can finish tasks on time - Can work with pressure - With proper coding/scripting ethics - Trustworthy What you will do? - Fix the errors appeared on our lua_err - Make sure no such errors will appear again to sustain our server stability - New features that can apply for our future updates We are willing to pay every service we will ask you to do, but what we need the most are those who can finish the tasks quickly. Leave a comment down below or just dm me thank you.
  5. Script link Credits to @Sultan for being an inspiration =) note: It has items from 2.4, feel free to remove them if you are planning to use it on older versions
  6. I am not a complete beginnier , i'm not completely unaware how programming works. However as the most here know there is an impossibly large chasm between a rough understanding and a level of understanding which enables to actually do things. So my question isn't only about "what languages should i learn". I know it's C++ / Lua / SQL / HTML / PHP , maybe python for ancillary tool creation. My question is in the specific : in what parts of those languages i should focus on? My main issue with programming has been mainly one : i'm bored by the the basics but overwhelmed by the complexity after those basics. Any suggestion/learning resource is welcome , thank you for you time.
  7. Hello and good day everyone, This is Ishcurry of DW Pirates and our talented dev team is looking for a LUA Developer. Someone with the right attitude and will share the same vision as us. Please send me a message in [email protected] Digital Warfare Intl'
  8. Locking and Unlocking inventory. to lock the inventory: function LockKitbag(cha) local packet = GetPacket() WriteCmd(packet, 553) WriteByte(packet, 1) SendPacket(cha, packet) end to unlock the inventory: function UnlockKitbag(cha) local packet = GetPacket() WriteCmd(packet, 553) WriteByte(packet, 0) SendPacket(cha, packet) end Usage: LockKitbag(role) UnlockKitbag(role) @GustavoHMA @DangThao
  9. heloo 1- i wanna know how to make game.exe for edit game 2- how to convert CharacterAction.tx to txt file? or how to open it ? 3- i saw some servers some people make auto click by game axe with bug apps make no stun effect how can fix this or how can make that? thx
  10. hello where can i find guild for editing lua files where can i find fuction effect for vip neck vip set rage /saga set eta.. thx
  11. Hi friends, what you guys think about sharing a creation of an documentation for the PKO Server API, so we can make progress faster creating new resources...
  12. Полезные материалы по языку Lua В данной теме Вы можете найти полезные материалы, которые Вам помогут в изучении, освоении и применении языка Lua. Данный язык применяется в качестве скриптового языка для сервера и клиента нашей игры. — Википедия Официальная документация (на английском языке); Справочное руководство по языку Lua 5.1; Статья на habrahabr.ru "Lua за 15 минут"; Сайт, посвященный языку Lua. Если Вы знаете интересные статьи, то не стесняйтесь выкладывать их в комментариях.
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