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  1. OK Guys..!! We just opened Deep Sea Online offcially. NOW in order to bring more players and make this server more fun and very popular, we will need your help ofc.. SO we are planing to make our first EVENT.. EVENT RULES: This will be a Posting-Sharing event and consist on this. Make a good post about our server and share it to atleast three facebook groups or pages of tales of pirates online servers with the next information -Server Features - Deep Sea Online's Facebook group - Discord Community Link -and Website Link Note: it has to a public post and active for minimum 3 days. You have to send the link of your post with your character name to ADM Memo who will be verifying all profiles and posts during the event. EVENT PRIZES: for those players who participated following all the rules will be rewarded 200 Imps at the end of the event. Event ending: 25.02.2021 Adm Memo
  2. Welcome to Deep Sea Pirates Online *Website: http://deep-sea-online.com/ *Discord: https://discord.gg/zqMUMEyDtP *BASIC: -Instant lvl100 (Max lv130 by exp crystas) -Max pet lv60 -Rear Pets -Rebirth 1 (RB2 and RB3 coming son) -Rates x15 -Gems Cap (lv4) *PROTECTION: -Anti Dupe -Anti Bot *PK MAZES: -Chaos Argent -Chaos War -Mask of Death -Valley of Death *FARMING MAZES: -Demonic World --Thundoria Mirage *COOL FEATURES: -Talent System : After doing Rebirth you will be able to choose one of your class skill and make it stronger. -Max skill lvl with just one click -HERO Neck and buff (Wining global Rank will provide u a special buff for 1 month) -Balanced Map ( MOD,VOD) Great PK with Same stats for Every Class *SETS AND WEAPONS: -Kylin Starter -Uns 95 Set/Weapon -Kylin Set lv1,2,3 -Kylin Weapons *INSTANCES: -Ares Dungeon *More Things! *Daily Quests *IGS Shop *Change Name System *Ballon Event System *Gift Giver System *Boss Respawn System *Swings Added in Game *Many Custom Wings *3x Type of bosses Easy,Medium Hard *Offline Stall *SERVER PROGRESS: -Leveling (exp pot) -Money Farming - Dw,Thundoria Mirage -Upgrading Sets By Quests and Kylin Frags -Geming eq from npc and Farming chest in every mazes AND MUCH MORE...! JOIN US
  3. Did you fix it bro?
  4. I got same prob Do anyone has solution cos its LuaSQL making that prob ?? hmm
  5. Hello... I have one question how i can remove on blees antimation so when example im attacking some player and i use bless and it dont stop att cos of animation??? so basicly when i use bless it will give effect but no char animation?
  6. Hello i need someone who can design me some pictures mssg me in discord so we deal price and show me your offers : OldHero#9099
  7. Hello i need someone who can design me some pictures mssg me in discord so we deal price and show me your offers : OldHero#9099
  8. I did everything what you said and still it ask me for gold @V3ct0r
  9. Hello @V3ct0r Can you explain me little bit xd im not so good in hex i want change world/trade chat for free
  10. @DangThao but i have only this MaxMsngPerPlayer =30 // Max Number of Messenger a Player can Join (Max value = 30) MaxPlayerPerMsng =30 // Max Number of players Inside a Messenger (Max value = 100) WrldChanSayInter =20 // World Channel Say Interval (In Seconds) TrdeChanSayInter =20 // Trade Channel Say Interval (In Seconds) WhprChanSayInter =2 // Whisper Channel Say Interval (In Seconds)
  11. Hello people how i can change world,trade chat price?
  12. Yea if you can code it that would be great mssg me so we can deal for all,ill get some good patcher by myself
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