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  1. what game editor i can use for this?
  2. Hello i'm using corsair, when i try yo Open gameserver it shows me this msg "database (holding) initialization error, please check" and just close gameserver.. anyone knows how to fix this ?
  3. Hello, i'm new on top dev i was wondering if someone can post what tools are needed o run-configure a server.
  4. @Shako sir can u upload link for drop rate calculator again please?
  5. hello anyone can provide a guide to make launcher for my server??? i been looking on forum but cannot find and how to set drop rate on certain moobs for example dw1 moobs refining gem drop rate 1%, 2% etc? is that possible ?? would be realy great if someone can help or provide a guide.. thanks
  6. Thanks Very much guys, i already got it working
  7. Hello, im setting up my TOP website using Zend 8.0 and i keep having this same error, idk if im doing something wrong, would be nice if anyone can help me to get this to work
  8. Hello u can help me?

  9. Hi @V3ct0r im intersed on setting up a server, write you on PM

  10. Hello, i am looking for server files with Cloak system, anti-dupe, color necks and normal top2 glows, rb 1,2,3 working and not bugged.. if anyone have a files closer to this please feel free to pm me with the price... sorry for my enlglish is not that good!! GOOD DAY!
  11. Hello guys anyone can help me with making a guide in how to create an account For my server on sql?? I mean to login on game .. I tryed on accounserver>dbo.account_login but when i try to log it says pass incorrect help pls
  12. guys im starting to open the server but i keep getting with accountserver (accountserver hang) and with game db, database GAMEDB connect failed, ERROR REPORT (23796144)... PLEASE HELP ME T____________________T
  13. @V3ct0r i sended you a pm, please check it
  14. hello Ximboliex, you answered me on my post, btw does mysql 2000 work on windowns 10? im triying but i keep getting accountgame server hangout when i open it

    1. soilder12


      idk how to configure it, atm ima use a host with windows 8 or windows 7 


  15. Hello Pkodev community, anyone could help me with things like, anti-dupe, cloak system .. and more info about security on a server? or tell me links for guides or something so i can check it out, i had like 2 or 3 years trying to make my own pserver but i dint had enought time before now i got time to get serious on it.. if anyone cal help i would be realy grateful .. sorry for my english btw
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