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  1. SQL Server: https://easyupload.io/ai1xa0 AccountServer.cfg: [net] listen_port = 1978 listen_ip = [db] dbserver = WIN10PKO\PKO25 db = AccountServer userid = PKOAdmin passwd = bMJcb0+ooTeyoDNSodCI1g== [bill] enable_bill = 0 enable_passport = 0 enable_kickuser = 0 bill_server1 = bill_server2 = [tom] enable_tom = 0 [gs] GroupServer1 = GroupServer1 GroupServerAndor = GroupServerAndor GroupServerAndor1 = GroupServerAndor1 GroupServerAndor2 = GroupServerAndor2 GroupServerAndor3 = GroupServerAndor3 GroupServerAndor4 = GroupServerAndor4 GroupServerAndor5 = GroupServerAndor5 GroupServerAndor6 = GroupServerAndor6 enable_ping = 1
  2. Thank you very much for uploading this kit. I wanted to test the kit and followed your guide but when i start the Accountserver it says "Connection to database failed, the process terminated!" Can you help me with this issue? Discord: Illu#5214
  3. Hello, thanks for the reply. i have already used the Tool but it did not help. I cant choose any Server on Client. I would appreciate it very much if someone could help me with this.
  4. Hello all, can someone help me with this error? https://easyupload.io/lg6d54 i want to host my server to play with friends. Thanks in advance.
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