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    Hi! The server advertisement section has been cleaned.
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    True, a lot dupe he need one professional game mater more to work with him. 2 server running with one person he have a lot work...
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    Обновление сервера Оффлайн Ларьков Версия 3.1 + Исправлен критический баг, когда сервер ларьков при отключении клиентов все равно продолжал держать соединения с GateServer.exe, что приводило к "забиванию" последнего фантомными подключениями и невозможности подключения новых игроков к серверу; + Исправлена настройка max_stalls_per_ip, которая устанавливает ограничение на число оффлайн ларьков с одного IP адреса. Теперь учитываются только клиенты, которые установили ларьки; + Добавлена настройка max_offline_trade_time, которая определяет максимальное время работы оффлайн ларька. По истечению этого времени оффлайн ларек будет автоматически закрыт. Версия 3.2 + Исправлены отключения клиента на сцене выбора персонажа; + Добавлена возможность мониторинга ларьков на сервере:
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    maybe use PrtScryn (not see exactly the error)
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    Hi everyone. By this simple tutorial i'll show you guys how to create a new glow for weapons and also change its color. 1 - ItemRefineInfo The Itemrefininginfo is a list of all weapons and its respectively glow details. It basically receives the weapon ID, Name, and the existing glows id and size for every char type (lance, ami, carsise, phyllis). The itemrefininginfo doesn't creates any new glows it just sets existing glows from itemrefiningeffectinfo to a given weapon: example: 776 Blade of Enigma 3 9 0 12 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 776 - weapon id Blade of Enigma - weapon name 3 - red gems respective glow id 9 - blue gems respective glow id 0 - unknown 12 - yellow gems respective glow id 26 - unknown 0 - unknown 25 - unknown 0 - unknown 24 - unknown 0 - unknown 0 - unknown 27 - unknown 0 - unknown 0 - unknown 0.6 - lance glow size 0.6 - carsise glow size 0.6 - phyllis glow size 0.6 - ami glow size example of a giant blue glow for Blade of Enigma with any gem combination. 776 Blade of Enigma 9 9 0 9 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 2.6 2.6 2.6 2.6 example of a little green glow for Darkness Emissary with any gem combination. 2331 Darkness Emissary 63 63 0 63 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 By this first part you'll be able to set custom glows for any weapon, however if you wanna go futher you should create new glow types in itemrefiningeffectinfo. 2 - ItemRefiningeffectInfo The itemrefiningeffectinfo is a list that stores all the glows itself is there where you can find the glows id you need to customize your weapon glows in itemrefininginfo. It contains all kind of glows, green, blue, yellow, red, staff, sword, dagger, gun etc. For example, this line has a green glow for guns ( if you put it on itemrefininginfo on any weapon it will give it a green glow gun ) 44 Gun Poison 4 354 0 354 0 1 353 0 353 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 using it on itemrefininginfo Darkness Emissary line for any gem: 2331 Darkness Emissary 43 43 0 43 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
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    1) Change the name of the characters in the game With this modification players will be able to rename their characters without leaving the game. To do this, the player needs to come up to a special NPC. And talk to him: Then the form for entering a new name will open: Requirements for renaming a character: 1) The new name must be between 5 and 15 characters inclusive; 2) The player can only use English letters and numbers, without spaces; 3) The new name must be unique, that is not to be already used by another character. The case of letters does not matter, i.e. pKoDeV and PkOdEv are the same name; 4) The player can rename his character no more than N times a day; 5) Optional: To rename his character, the player have to bring certain items, gold, reputation points, complete the quest, and so on; If all the requirements are met, then after clicking the "Change name" button, the player's character will immediately get a new name without rejoining the game: Otherwise, the player will see an error: Some features: After renaming the character, a new record will be created in the logs, where you can find out the old name of the character; The system is protected from SQL injections, i.e. from hacking; In order to protect against flooding, the player can rename his character no more than N times a day; The player can not select an existing name, i.e. characters with the same name will not be; The modification does not use LuaSQL extension and the work of other users. 2) Program for setting up and running the game client Using this program, the player can easily change the settings of interest to him, select the game interface (GUI) and start the game.
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    well I did release the src code with top-recode at https://gitlab.com/deguix/top-recode/. Its based on the modified src from top2 files. I just didn't bother to make a post yet, or even to update after that ;/. It includes source for both client and server (except trade server). The reason that I didn't mention it yet is because I didn't fix a major bug that prevents showing of some effects (like the intense magic).
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    ItemInfo editor: NPC list editor:
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