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    cha_timer doesn't use "Player" as param. It called "role" by default.. You can understand it easy if u take 2 minutes of ur time reading something instead copy-paste.
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    Hello I've been working on a small project to create a better version of our beloved pkoSite. It's still a work in progress but just in case anyone wants to use it and help around with testing or whatever, I'm releasing a minimal version to the public. This version includes Register Login Downloads News Admin panel for both downloads and news I'll update it to include more things such as: Ranking Item Mall Credit Mall IMP Auction Credit Auction Wheel of Fortune Admin panel Logging system ( log all actions performed by admins ) If you have any feature you want , you can let me know in the comments, I'll be happy to add that! I've used the latest database libraries ( SQLSRV ) and laravel as the framework. You'll be able to run this in the latest version of any webserver you want. You can obtain the site from here. Installation guide: First off, you need SQLSRV drivers. Find out what version of PHP you're running and then download those drivers from here. Most of your webservers have thread safety enabled so you're going to want to use the _ts dll files. Take the sqlsrv pdo DLL and the normal sqlsrv dll and put them into your php( this folder will be in your webserver folder. For xampp users -> xampp/php.) -> ext folder. Now, open your php.ini which you'll find in your php folder. Search for "extension=php_" and you should come across something like this. as you can see at the end, I have the sqlsrv dlls added. Do the same for your php.ini file. Now, go here and scroll down till you see this : download the ODBC driver that corresponds to the sqlsrv driver versions you download and install them. That's all for the SQLSRV part. Now, depending on whether you just want to mess around with the website or you want to put it up for production, you have two options. You start a temporary server using artisan (it'll work on the port 8080 and won't interfere with your website) You can edit your HTTPD.CONF file to direct it to the website's public folder and the website will run directly from your browser by going to localhost or your website name. ( WARNING : No other folders on your webserver will be accessible to you if you use this method, i.e, you won't be able to use another site like http://localhost/site2. It won't work.). If you want to go the first route, open your command prompt. Direct yourself to the webserver directory and type in php artisan serve This'll start a server on the 8080 port and you can use the website as you wish. If you want to go the second route, go to your apache folder, and open the httpd.conf file. It should be in the conf folder. Search for the DocumentRoot. It'll be something like this : As you can see I've already changed my document root to the directory that my website is in. Do the same. That does it for the webserver/sqlsrv configuration. Now, adding your database configurations to the website. In the root of the website, there's a file called .env.example. Open the file. Most of the configs are self-explanatory. Change the SITE_INFO_DB_FILE to wherever you've stored your website. Go to google and check their RECAPTCHA page to obtain your RECAPTCHA PUBLIC and PRIVATE keys and just stuff those in the respective fields. IMPORTANT STEP HERE You have to remove the .example part from the .env file, i.e open your word editor and click "save as", choose the "all files" option and remove the .example from the end of the name, so the file is just called .env Open your command prompt, direct yourself to the website directory and type in php artisan key:generate This'll generate a key specific to your website. Go to the database folder(topSite/database/) and just create an empty "SiteInfo.sqlite" file. Run php artisan migrate --database=SiteInfo --path=database/migrations/SiteInfo php artisan migrate --database=GameDB --path=database/migrations/GameDB And you're done! If you want to change the title of the site or whatever, you can find the website's name in the config->app.php file. Let me know if there are any issues, I'll fix them as soon as I can. Some screenshots from the website
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    Hello again guys, I created this video with the idea of promoteing again the tales of pirates private server community. Here you can see my web service related post: Server Files/Game/My Webserver consumers: https://www.dropbox.com/s/txmgkmv3oas3tys/FullServerFilesGatero.rar?dl=0 Microsoft SQL SERVER 2014/2017 Installation Guides i used: Good Lucks guys
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    Looking for an exciting PK server along with all new unique features? Then go ahead and try Sky Pirates Online ;) New Features: -All new PK! Everyone has same stats! -Gain exp by defeating opponents -Unlock new apparels and items -Enhanced PK Concept -Completely new game with many new features -Unlock over 1,000+ apparels in-game, new NPCs, new Fairies and much more -Level up by defeating other players in PK mazes -Classes are balanced, no one is stronger than the other -Prestige System: Once you hit level 80, you will be able to Prestige and get special items and reset back to level 1. & even much more!!! Server links: @ www.sky-pirates.net @ www.discord.gg/6WemGRD Official trailer:
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    Sup people! Have any of you had this problem before? For when an annoying player are knocking your balls and asking for a chargeback after he consumes and uses all his points and been playing for a while? If you know what I’m talking about could you tell me what did you do? Or if you have any clue of how to solve this situation please share. Thank you all!
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    Hello people, Today i bring you a new system i created as a web service. Please leave a comment below with any doubt or review. My server client link: If you want to test this system on my server, please contact me on discord or private message and ill create an account for the game.
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    User ranks Hello! Our forum has user ranks system. The user's rank reflects the amount of content he created on the forum. The more messages the user leaves and creates new topics, the higher his rank. Since our game is about pirates, then the ranks will be respectively pirated. For each new rank the user receives a Squid. The squid was chosen as the game symbol. The number of messages required to receive the new rank was chosen based on the current average number of messages left by users on 05.25.2018. That is, in such a way that all users do not immediately receive the highest rank, but they also do not have the lowerest rank. There are 5 ranks in total: Cabin Boy - 0+ messages; Pirate - 30+ messages; Boatswain - 125+ messages; First Mate - 200+ messages; Sea Captain - 300+ messages. If you have any ideas and suggestions about the ranks of users, then write about them in this thread!
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    Замутил по быстрому простой калькулятор. https://mega.nz/#!eSx0mAIb!0h5048DRqpHOzpMm-dlOKJlvsl1zZQdOgLeAx347V8E
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    why would you fuse rings into apparels? o_o
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    Maybe something like this? inside ur attrcalculate.lua function CreatCha( role ) --[[´´½¨½ÇÉ«]]-- --LuaPrint("Enter function CreatCha(role) --[[create character]]--".."\n") local attr_ap = Attr_ap( role ) + 4 --[[£«5µã×ÔÓÉ·ÖÅäµãÊý]]-- SetCharaAttr( attr_ap, role, ATTR_AP ) AttrRecheck(role) hp = GetChaAttr( role, ATTR_MXHP ) sp = GetChaAttr( role, ATTR_MXSP ) SetCharaAttr( hp, role, ATTR_HP ) SetCharaAttr( sp, role, ATTR_SP ) CreatChaSkill ( role ) --LuaPrint("Out function CreatCha(role) --[[create character]]--".."\n") AddChaSkill ( role , SKILL_NUM , 1 , 1 , 0 ) --Replace SKILL_NUM to your newbie skill id in skillinfo.txt --SystemNotice ( role , "Learned skill '[Newbie Slash]'" ) end
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    Их было несколько видов. У всех есть дырки, но закрыть их не составит труда. Все имеются в архиве - https://mega.nz/#F!OUMUgTYb!jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g!vcMUBSKL TopCp, TopCp Update Jan10,2011 и cPanel (возможно есть еще, но уже не помню, попробуйте пройтись по архиву).
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    For some reason when you put 3 skills in your fairy, it does not show the last skill or even shows a different skill or level. In order to alleviate this problem, you need follow the guide presented by @Home. 1 - Go to your "Game Folder/scripts/lua/table/scripts.lua 2 - Add this function anywhere function GetNum_Fixed ( Num ) Num = tostring(Num) a = string.sub(Num, -1) a = tonumber(a) return a end 3 - Search for function GetElfSkill 4 - Replace: local Part7 = GetNum_Part7 ( Num ) To local Part7 = GetNum_Fixed ( Num ) Now, you change the skill implementation sucess rate. Go at functions.lua in your server files /resource/script/calculate/functions.lua Search for function AddElfSkill Change booth lines if rad<= 30 then if rad> 30 and rad < 60 then for if rad == 0 then Now its 100%. This guide is just what @Home suggers. But this only works for normal pets and 2gen pets made by code, it does not work for 2gen pets that were made by fairy marriage. So, you need to change fairy marriage. Go at forge.lua in your server files and search for function jlborn_item Now, you need to change what the function are doing for you. For each demonic fruit (3918-3925), you have this functions -- demonic fruit 3918 else r1,r2 =MakeItem ( role , 231 , 1 , 4 ) --Fairy of Luck end else r1,r2 =MakeItem ( role , 231 , 1 , 4 ) --Fairy of Luck This function represents what it gives to you. The function is doing a bugged pet from marriage, so you need to change this function for else r1,r2 =GiveItem ( role , 0 , 231 , 1 , 4 ) --Fairy of Luck end else r1,r2 =GiveItem ( role , 0 , 231 , 1 , 4 ) --Fairy of Luck In this case, the marriage will give the same 2 gen pet that was made by code (level 0, but at least works), but there's a problem about possession and self destruct skill. So you need to fix that. Go at skilleffect.lua in your server files. Search for possession skill function Skill_JLFT_BEGIN change this line local item_elf_type = GetItemType ( item_elf ) for local item_elf_id = GetItemID ( item_elf ) then, change this other line if item_elf_type ~= 59 or Part1~=1 then for if item_elf_id < 231 and item_elf_id > 237 then Codes of 2gen pets are in 231-237. Then search for function State_JLFT_Add change the line local Part1 = GetNum_Part1 ( Num_JL ) for local Part1 = 1 -- GetNum_Part1 ( Num_JL ) Search for self destruct skill function Skill_jlzb_Begin change the line local item_elf_type = GetItemType ( item_elf ) for local item_elf_id = GetItemID ( item_elf ) change the other line if item_elf_type ~= 59 or Part1~=1 then for if item_elf_id < 231 and item_elf_id > 237 then Then search for function Skill_jlzb_End change the line local item_elf_type = GetItemType ( item_elf ) for local item_elf_id = GetItemID ( item_elf ) change the other line if item_elf_type == 59 then for if item_elf_id >= 231 and item_elf_id <= 237 then So, thats all.
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    Exactly, fairy marriage adds an invalid skill on pet. that must be removed in order to avoid this to happens
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    Hi everyone. By this simple tutorial i'll show you guys how to create a new glow for weapons and also change its color. 1 - ItemRefineInfo The Itemrefininginfo is a list of all weapons and its respectively glow details. It basically receives the weapon ID, Name, and the existing glows id and size for every char type (lance, ami, carsise, phyllis). The itemrefininginfo doesn't creates any new glows it just sets existing glows from itemrefiningeffectinfo to a given weapon: example: 776 Blade of Enigma 3 9 0 12 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 776 - weapon id Blade of Enigma - weapon name 3 - red gems respective glow id 9 - blue gems respective glow id 0 - unknown 12 - yellow gems respective glow id 26 - unknown 0 - unknown 25 - unknown 0 - unknown 24 - unknown 0 - unknown 0 - unknown 27 - unknown 0 - unknown 0 - unknown 0.6 - lance glow size 0.6 - carsise glow size 0.6 - phyllis glow size 0.6 - ami glow size example of a giant blue glow for Blade of Enigma with any gem combination. 776 Blade of Enigma 9 9 0 9 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 2.6 2.6 2.6 2.6 example of a little green glow for Darkness Emissary with any gem combination. 2331 Darkness Emissary 63 63 0 63 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 By this first part you'll be able to set custom glows for any weapon, however if you wanna go futher you should create new glow types in itemrefiningeffectinfo. 2 - ItemRefiningeffectInfo The itemrefiningeffectinfo is a list that stores all the glows itself is there where you can find the glows id you need to customize your weapon glows in itemrefininginfo. It contains all kind of glows, green, blue, yellow, red, staff, sword, dagger, gun etc. For example, this line has a green glow for guns ( if you put it on itemrefininginfo on any weapon it will give it a green glow gun ) 44 Gun Poison 4 354 0 354 0 1 353 0 353 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 using it on itemrefininginfo Darkness Emissary line for any gem: 2331 Darkness Emissary 43 43 0 43 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
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    Hello people, Here i bring you a development im working on. Please if you have any question or review on the system please leave a comment.
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    This archive might be useful for you if you're looking an old files. I'm also trying to update it whenever there's a new releases from members. Enjoy! https://mega.nz/#F!OUMUgTYb!jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g
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    System Name: Amplifier Handler - Serialization Credits: @Billy, System idea; @KONG, System idea; @Satan, Release and debug of system; Introduction: Our players get annoyed when we restart the server or they get DC and lose the bonus from their AMP. The purpose of this system is to save AMP bonuses in a .txt file and maintain the bonus persistence even if the player DC or the server restarts... Also a global function has been made for all the AMP's and of course the player receives notice of the duration of the bonus or when it ends. Change-Logs: - Release of scripts v1.0 (03/13/2018) - Original scripts by Billy and KONG amplifier.lua
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    Could someone upload this client? First link is broken for downloads. Thanks
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    it was wrong database
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    ItemInfo 1.Для начала найдем файл Находится он здесь: Путь до файлов сервера/resource/ItemInfo.txt 2. Редактирование Для редактирования файла лучше использовать: exel(предварительно формат ячеек сделать текстовым) Приступим конкретно к редактированию: 1. Вставляем в начало файла : //ID Название Иконка Модель на земле Модель Ланс Модель Карциз Модель Филлис Модель Ами ShipSymbol shipsiznumber Тип obtainprefixrate setID Уровень ковки Стабильное значение Чинить Передать В банк Выкинуть Удалить Стек Количество Экземпляров Цена Раса Уровень Класс CharacterNick CharacterReputation Слот Спец. слот Место Сила Ловкость Точность Телосложение Дух Lukmodulusbonus Аспд Неизвестное Неизвестное Неизвестное Бонус защиты Макс ХП Макс СП Шанс улонения Шанс попаданий Шанс Критического удара Шанс дропа Восстановление ХП Восстановление МН mspdmodulusbonus colmodulusbonus Бонус силы Бонус ловкости Бонус точности Бонус телосложения Бонус духа Lukconstantbonus Неизвестное Неизвестное Мин. Атака Макс. Атака Защита Бонус макс ХП Бонус макс МН Бонус уклонения Бонус попадания Бонус критического удара Бонус дропа Бонус восстановления ХП Бонус восстановления МН mspdconstantbonus colconstantbonus Физическое сопротивление Левая рука Энергия Проность Максимальное кол-во слотов Shipdurabilityrecovered cancontaincannonquantity shipmembercount memberlabel CargoCapacity Fuelconsumption CannonballPathofFlightspeed Скорость корабля Эфект Эфф Отображение itembindeffect itembindeffectdummy Сила предмета itemdropmodeleffect itemusageeffect Описание Примечание 2.Значение и Описание 01 ID 02 Название 03 Иконка 04 Модель предмета на земле 05 Текстура Ланса 06 Текстура Карциза 07 Текстура Филлис 08 Текстура Ами 09 неизвестно 10 неизвестно 11 Тип предмета* 12 неизвестно 13 неизвестно 14 неизвестно 15 возможность чинить (0/1) 16 возможность передать (0/1) 17 возможность подобрать вещь с земли(0/1) 18 возможность выкинуть (0/1) 19 возможность удалить (0/1) 20 размер стека (1-99 - максимальный размер вещей в стеке) 21 неизвестно 22 Цена(в магазине, при продаже она будет делиться на два) 23 Раса (1-Ланс и тд.) 24 Минимальный уровень персонажа 25 Использование классами (JobType.lua) 26 неизвестно 27 неизвестно 28 слоты под предмет (Look.lua) 29 специальные слоты 30 значение в определении местоположения (любое) 31-51 Процент бонусов (характеристик) 52-72 Постоянные харсактеристики 73 ПР (физ. ресист) 74 предмет для левой руки 75 Энергия предмета (кораллы, и др.) 76 Прочность 77 Max instantiation hole value 78-84 неиспользованный материал для корабля 85 Скорость корабля 86 Эффект предмета (LUA-функция при использовании предмета -> ItemEffect.lua) 87 Эффект при отображении 88 item bind effect 89 item bind effect dummy 90 Сила предмета (для использования - поставьте в первый слот) 91 item drop model effect 92 Использование эффекта 93 Описание 94 Примечания ___________________________________________________________ * - типы предметов: 1) Одноручный меч 2 ) Двуручный меч 3 ) Лук 4 ) Мушкет 7 ) Клинок 9 ) Посох 11) Щит 18) Топор (рубка) 19 ) Кирка (рудодобыча) 20 ) Шапки Ами 21 ) Лицо 22 ) Доспех 23 ) Перчатки 24 ) Ботинки 25 ) Ожерелья 26 ) Кольца 27 ) Тату 28 ) Прически 29 ) Кораллы 34 ) Книги скиллов 36 ) Билеты
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    The source code is available! Dear PkoDev.Net community members, Today we are releasing TOP/PKO source codes and it means that they will be available to everyone. I'd really want to thank our friendly and cohesive community for helping us in the fundraising event. Thank you for your help! I wish you best of luck in the studying process and I hope they will help us to make the game better! Congratulations! Special thanks to: RU: ZEST Online Team (@e1mer), World of Chaos Team (@NMS3RR), Mordo Online Team, @Chad, @insider, @V1tor, @Chudik, @BotPRO, @BETEP/macs509, @lyon, @Am*n9ma (Pastuh). EN: @KONG, @Wrexor, @Yudha, @Jones, @Andy, @Foxseiz, @Andrew, @Lucky, @Sea King, @DevMorgan, @LazyKid, @Sultan, @TheLegend, @Onioni, @7n6, @GustavoHMA, @Xeon, @Ishcurry. Soon you'll see different kind of tutorials regarding work with the source code (code modifications, explanation). You can get link to download the source code from attachment (Source Code.txt)
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    How to increase temporary bag capacity In the guide I will show how to increase capacity of temporary bag from 16 up to 48 items. 1. Server Side Open GameServer.exe in any HEX-editor. Go to address: 0x000C0B0D - 1.36 GameServer.exe 0x000C809D - 1.38 GameServer.exe 0x0012E447 - 2.4 GameServer.exe Image for 1.38 GameServer.exe 1016 = 1610 0x10 it is capacity of temporary bag by default (16 in decimal). You can change it up to 48 items. Dec Hex ------------------- 24 items = 0x18 32 items = 0x20 40 items = 0x28 48 items = 0x30 Let's increase capacity to 32 items for example. So, you have to change 0x10 to 0x20: Then save GameServer.exe. Ok, now characters will be created with a temporary bag in 32 items by default. 2. Client Side You also have to increase temporary bag form in the client. You can add scroll bar (a) or stretch the form (b). a - form with scroll bar b - stretched form For example, I will show how to add scroll bar. Open main.clu (Client\scripts\lua\forms) and find scripts for frmTempBag. Add scroll bar: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Temporary bag ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -- THERE IS SCRIPTS FOR Temporary bag FORM ... -- ADD SCROLL BAR scrollid = UI_GetScroll( grdTempBag ) UI_SetSize( scrollid, 11, 1 ) UI_LoadImage( scrollid, "texture/ui/xDesign/PublicC.tga", COMPENT_BACK, 11, 1, 194, 13 ) id = UI_GetScrollObj( scrollid, SCROLL_UP ) UI_LoadButtonImage( id, "texture/ui/xDesign/PublicC.tga", 11, 9, 166, 0, TRUE ) UI_SetSize( id, 11, 9 ) id = UI_GetScrollObj( scrollid, SCROLL_SCROLL ) UI_LoadImage( id, "texture/ui/xDesign/PublicC.tga", COMPENT_BACK, 9, 43, 166, 10 ) UI_SetSize( id, 9, 43 ) id = UI_GetScrollObj( scrollid, SCROLL_DOWN ) UI_LoadButtonImage( id, "texture/ui/xDesign/PublicC.tga", 11, 9, 166, 0, TRUE ) UI_SetSize( id, 11, 9 ) The result you can see above. That's all!
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    (this is not a guide) Hello im here to show you people one way to make your own anti tweak (checksum starter) Files Are Open Source Code. and can be use for everyone. Configure your Server: https://github.com/Nihlus/Launchpad/wiki/Game-Developer-Quickstart Make your Starter/Installer: https://github.com/Nihlus/Launchpad/wiki/Distributing-Launchpad-on-Windows The hard part is disable or hide startgame from your client (game.exe) to prevent byspass by users. ( i wont explain how) Source: https://github.com/Nihlus/Launchpad/wiki
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    Хотелось бы добавить свой измененный bat файл ..... Мне все время доставляло не удобство с батниками компил, декомпил, особенно если нужно работать с разными файлами ( ru_RU ; en_US ) а так же при возникновении ошибок они сразу закрывались так вот выкладываю свой с внутренним меню .... Скачать P/S камнями сильно не закидывайте я только учусь...