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    Tales of pirates website for sale. Working features: register/ login/ gallery/ maps preview/ items hints Website is not finished and some features need fixing, because of that I'm willing to sell it for a fairly cheap price OR I can finish it for you which means it'd be more expensive. Mystic Wheel backend is not coded. If you want it, have any questions etc please feel free to drop me a message. Coded in python.
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    Согласен! Я бы вообще покинул этот мерзкий сайт, но не могу, так как администратор. Но вот у тебя есть возможность это сделать
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    Top Game Launcher/Updater with Game Setting and Auto Login Options The updater works with FTP for more info Inbox me or hit me in my Discord:- .✰MoτђaŇŇa✰.#5016
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    Hi everyone, Is there a way to decompile/decrypte PO .bin files so I can edit them? I already tried Gemini, EncDecTool, deguix decompiler but none of them worked for me. All I get is text like 3339988241 Ř`0¨ž©^ä}^wňf ҡC9e«Ŕżţ]Ŕ{Ä-.]8·ě·!C"{="–UH› aÍ»ŐÝŰ„72„h}bŮÜ -8719 …‰W+䎷2˛aÜ?ZÍĐ?ĆăPýWć»nĽˇ i[/ĘŠˇjô9„VÜxžŇ· 1€ű:ďš’ ý¨—ŮózÂŘ1«-¸ľÍä °ÎxđÎÇJ5PÇÖ+đeüź 143 35 199 11 71 173 103 42 7 80 49 42 219 254 24 127 58 17883 26756 254 139 26933 -29934 222 207 Thank you for your help.
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    intenta probar esto uichat.cpp _pSessionNode = dynamic_cast<GUI::CTreeGridNode*>(m_pQQTreeView->GetRootNode()->FindNode("Local")); <-- traducir lineas client folder script/lua/form/chat.clu itemid = UI_CreateNoteGraphItem( "texture/ui/QQ2.tga", 87,16,105,222, 0, "Local", 5,2 ) <-- traducir lineas
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    local PosX = math.random(556,469) local PosY = math.random(413,352) local Monster = CreateChaEx(1, PosX * 100, PosY * 100, 145, 50, MapCopy) SetChaLifeTime(Monster, 3600)
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    I got same prob Do anyone has solution cos its LuaSQL making that prob ?? hmm
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    Hi guys, there are 6 types of swings in the TOP 2+ Ver client. Like these ones: But there are several more types that are not in the client. Tell me where you can find them. These benches are made in the style of legendary wings.
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    Offline Stall server update to version 3.7 dated 03/17/2020 IMPORTANT! A critical vulnerability was fixed due to which cybercriminals could cause StallServer.exe to crash. This vulnerability was associated with an incorrect block size in packet headers that was forged by attackers, which led to an error on the server when packet encryption was enabled and protection from WPE / RPE was enabled. I express special gratitude to the administration of the Kara Online project for the information about the vulnerability and the help in its elimination. For those who purchased this modification, I recommend urgently contacting me for the latest version of the StallServer.exe.
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    Обновление сервера оффлайн ларьков до версии 3.7 ВАЖНО! Была исправлена критическая уязвимость из-за которой злоумышленники могли вызывать аварийное завершение работы StallServer.exe (т.н. "падение", "краш"). Данная уязвимость была связана с некорректным размером блока в заголовках пакетов, который подделывали злоумышленники, что приводило к ошибке на сервере при включенных шифровании пакетов и защите от WPE/RPE. Выражаю особую благодарность администрации проекта Kara Online за предоставленную информацию об уязвимости и помощь в её устранении. Тем, кто приобретал данную модификацию, рекомендую в срочном порядке обратиться ко мне за последней версией сервера ларьков (StallServer.exe).
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    If you live in Brazil or at least speaks portuguese and have a little knowlodge in programming or are a big fan of ToP add me in discord: iLusioN # 8148 I have a project that involves make a BR ToP server, but i may say, it will not be just another server See ya.
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    @LordAzamat, привет! Когда найдешь или сделаешь такую сборку скинь мне тоже пожалуйста, а то хочется поставить сервер и бабла нормально срубить, но лень сидеть исправлять эти многочисленные баги и дыры в кривых сборках. Заранее благодарю!
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    @KONG Code provided is proof of concept only. Implementation:
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    //... static char buf[6]; const float seconds_remaining = _fPlayTime - _fCurTime; const int minutes = static_cast<int>(seconds_remaining / 60); const int seconds = static_cast<int>(seconds_remaining - (minutes * 60)); minutes > 1 ? _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%.2d:%.2d", minutes, seconds) : seconds > 1 ? _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%d", seconds) : _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%.1f", seconds_remaining); CGuiFont::s_Font.BRender(0, buf, x, y, COLOR_RED, COLOR_BLACK); } // End of function void CAniClock::Render(int x, int y);
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    I Don't know if this is still relevant but i solve the issue creating an account and a GM account, what v3tor put's is correct, now maybe is the version of your sql but im ussing sqlserver 2017 and to creat an account and gm account succefully i had to write manually the SQL Query of @V3ct0r and it will work 100%
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    Редактор ItemInfo.txt Редактор списка NPC:
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    try: change: pwd = EZCpyYOZVofugqDFBZrLKw== for: pwd = e685860c1617f06140f9f7ece5f550c6 I have never used wolfen IGS What I use the formator password is different If it does not work try a password without symbols ex: '#$'
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    HEX Game.exe i guess, is conditioned by item type in some cases, and if applied also by energy, *not 100% sure. You can check it on the shared source. Example Cap, Armor, Boots, Gloves: Item Energy 0000 - 1000 : gray Item Energy 1000 - 3000 : WHITE Item Energy 3000 - 5000 : GREEN Item Energy 5000 - 7000 : PURPLE Item Energy 7000 - ???? : RED File: UIItemCommand.cpp * you can also change this within an item instance