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    If you just want it to be smaller, maybe you can modify scaling in characterinfo.txt. Not sure what client you are using, so it might not work. In top-recode, the client source had it disabled, but easy to enable. In characterinfo.txt last 3 floats, eg, 1.0,1.0,1.0 for Long Haired Guy (ID 1) . In SceneCreateNode.cpp, function CCharacter* CGameScene::AddCharacter(int nScriptID) // added by clp 设置缩放 D3DXVECTOR3 scale(pInfo->scaling[0], pInfo->scaling[1], pInfo->scaling[2]); // Comment this out // 读表可能有问题。。暂时不支持缩放 //scale.x = 1.0f; //scale.y = 1.0f; //scale.z = 1.0f;
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    Welcome to MAPKO Reborn Legendary! New and balanced classes, commited staff and around the clock pk! join us now in our new pk-update Official Website: https://www.rmpko.com/mapko/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/aTtQ6Ye Staff Happiness Discord for help at all times and questions: Happiness#2260 Server is completely made for quick entry and catch up with quick ways to farm and becoming pro so easily! what you waiting for? download the game and join us in massive pk! Information Server on since 2016! Newbie quests teaches you everything about server and boosts you up very quick! Dungeons Easy Server All kind of staff with all kind of languages! Weekly and monthly main events. We listen to your suggestions in our server. New classes Automated events ( drop,quiz ) Fully organized maps PVP TOURNAMENTS COMPLETE command system for players that eases your experience Features: 4TH REB NEW CLASSES Hero system with complete dungeon system to farm it! Beast system Cast system Pray system Glow system Battlepower system 6 PK MAP IN ROTATION FOR ENDLESS PK! 2 BOSSES MAPS WITH INSANE REWARDS WEEKLY GUILD WAR Complete Anti-Tweak System New CUSTOMIZED apps,wings and glows! *( All systems fully explained in newbie quest ) 4th reb new classes Ninja - Master of movement speed and attack speed Elf- Amazing support class with heals and AoE stealth Pirate- King of damage and defense for all around stat Warlock - The ultimate magic class a serious killer Monk - Master of bless and the best in 1v1 comabt! very fun class Paladin - King of defense and support abilites! All original classes are available and balanced aswell! MAGIC CLASSES MATTERS IN OUR SERVER Wondering how to get pro? ITS JUST EASY! JOIN US NOW
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    drastic times call for drastic measures I guess
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    I updated the editor and the link.
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    KONG is now known as MonkeyCode
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    I am making this free available, but I do not intend to update it or give support as I am developing top on unity and this already consumes all my time. new link 17/06/2020 https://we.tl/t-ELZI1HhSbB if this link will expire in 7 days, if someone wants to save somewhere permanent, you can do it.
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    Seriously? AdFly to access your discord?
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    Simple Admiral Cloak Script - [Video Tutorial] I have always looked for, and never found a Cloak script that is easy to install and configure, so after learning a little decide to create a tutorial with a script edited by me, I know the script is far from good or beautiful, but it's good for who is starting, and does not know where to start. Includes: Cloak Script Configuration files Glow Lines Color of icons changed (to give my touch xD) Video Tutorial Don't have Gems Video Tutorial Scans: VirusTotal Jotti Download: MEGA Credits: Some codes were made by other people. All credits to them.
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    надеюсь, что вы в курсе, что в этих сурсах, на которые вы даже решили не ссылаться ) есть некоторые количество дырок.
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    Привет, @Dimasik! Пароли хранятся в базе данных AccountServer, таблице account_login, поле password. Все пароли хранятся в виде MD5 хэшей исходных (незашифрованных) паролей. Расшифровать и получить исходный пароль по хэшу нельзя. Если есть необходимость узнать пароль, чтобы выполнить вход на аккаунт, то пароль можно сменить на другой, который будет заранее известен.
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    Put in system folder. Then, create a .bat in main folder with this: start system\EffectEditor.exe To open, just execute the .bat
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    Thanks!! @XXD
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    Hello community of pkoDev, some time ago we got our hands on the source code for the game we love and have been creating unique stuff for years. Many (including myself) are completely useless when trying to build and make a functional application out of the Chinese sources so not many people were using them. Now, thanks to the Sheep Squad (KONG, Billy, Wrexor, Mii, Foxseiz & Snre3n), they have released the source code for the server-side applications and a client to go along with it. We have to thank them for it, since this improves the community as a whole and now you start seeing a few servers popping up. While they're functional, there have been comments about them having some minor issues, which we as a community can come together to fix as a public source code. This thread is created thanks to KONG for giving the idea and is not to bring any other issue/dramas that showed up in the other thread. This thread's only purpose is to identify issues/improvements and share the code that can fix and/or improve the code, therefore: Anyone is allowed to post anything they might have found, even if they don't have an immediate fix for it. Anyone is allowed to contribute fixes to other people's issues and their own. Anyone is allowed to contribute improvements to existing code. If any issue fix and/or improvement is shared and you can make the code better, feel free to contribute! Note1: This thread is not about fixing the directories, missing files or compiling source code itself, that's explained on the original release thread. Note2: This is my first time doing a thread like this, so if I'm missing anything to add, let me know! So for as posting something, lets follow the example stated by KONG. For Bug Reports, follow this: Bug Title: Bug Description: How to replicate: Status (pending / close / open): Author (whoever that fixes it): For Architecture Improvements, follow: Title: Refactor to MVC design pattern Reason: scalability and maintainability Approach: For Game Improvements, follow this: Title: Reason: Improve existing guild functions Approach: SQL table, Open-closed, etc Concerns: concurrency, race, etc Please try posting the actual fixes, if you can, try explaining what was done so the rest of people reading the thread can learn if they're interested. Avoid just posting the whole file like "here's the fixes inside my functions.lua" and posting your 20K line file, try posting just the fixes/changes.
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    the points are stored in the database: GameDB-> Account-> IMP you can add points manually in SQL or by the GM command Amount = Number of Points Character ID = you can get the character ID using the following command & qcha NickName &Addimp Amount , Character ID
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    @johan Open GameServer.cfg search for : igs_instant = 0 Replace with: igs_instant = 1 should solve your problem
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    check that your main city will be as a garner, groupserver and birth.lua
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    just easier to use , also trade server had some exploits
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    Hello @Sultan! Shaitan Icicle Castle Download YAMMI can't crop .obj files.
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    you can use last yammi version to crop those areas.
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    OpenGL is not a game engine. It's a graphics library
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    Some people on my server asked about the transparency on icons, when making custom apparels. I made a video to explain how you make new/adjust icons.
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    Hey @Flareux ! You can either modify the game shaders in the client source or if you want a whole new experience for graphics, OpenGL.
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    @V3ct0r Ic, i thought you didn’t know about this guy spamming our dm’s. About repository, idk how to open one so until someone does i’ll keep it this way, if theres a repo i’ll update all the fixes there. Thanks for the answer, you can delete this thread if you want, i just wanted to warn you.
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    Hello @Fritt! Yes, we know about this forum. About 95% of the contents on it (guides, scripts, programs, even servers advertisement) is copy pasted from PKODev word for word without our permission. Therefore, there are no fundamentally new ideas and materials. The administration of this forum sent spam to our users through private messages, as you could see, so private messages had to be disabled for a certain time. After that, they started spamming in profile messages and right on the forum. All this characterizes the administration not from the best side, in my opinion. What do you say if I start stealing other people's materials and spamming on their forum? I think that everyone can draw conclusions and decide for himself to go there or not. Regarding your 'Community Source Code Development - Server / Client' topic, I confirm that I deleted some posts with fixes. These posts were posted by the administrator of the forum you mentioned. This user was recently banned on PKODev due to the fact that he is known as a scammer in Russian community of developers and players. After that, he continued to produce fake accounts on our forum, but my position remains unchanged. So, I keep deleting only his fixes. You are doing a great job, but for a more streamlined development process, following the example of other users, I advise you to create a common repository. The format of the forum is not very convenient for such development. Thank you for your question and have a good day!
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    @yagura2k Thanks for sharing it, but must add this to be able to compile: Open PacketCmd_CS.cpp at the end add: void CS_SendGameRequest( const char szPassword[]) { WPacket pk =g_NetIF->GetWPacket(); pk.WriteCmd(CMD_CM_GAME_REQUEST_PIN); pk.WriteString(szPassword); g_NetIF->SendPacketMessage(pk); }
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    Hello @Smokie! Try Effect Editor: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/293398774511042560/485564502738468895/Untitled_-_EffectEditor_01_09_2018_4_35_22.mp4 Download Thanks to @Wrexor
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    NetCommand.h @@ ++ Line 529 #define CMD_MC_REQUESTPIN CMD_MC_BASE + 113 NetIf.cpp @@ ++ Line 143 case CMD_MC_REQUESTPIN: { CCursor::I()->SetCursor( CCursor::stNormal ); g_stUIDoublePwd.SetType(CDoublePwdMgr::MC_REQUEST); g_stUIDoublePwd.ShowDoublePwdForm(); return true; } Serverfiles/lua/misscript/npc.lua r_talk13 = nil function r_talk13 () Talk( 1, "Monica: Hi, I am Banker Monica. Accounts can never go wrong with me around." ) InitTrigger() TriggerCondition( 1, HasMoney, 200 ) TriggerAction( 1, TakeMoney, 200 ) TriggerAction( 1, OpenBank ) TriggerFailure( 1, JumpPage, 2 ) Text( 1, "Vault (PIN)", RequestClientPin, enumPinForBank) Talk( 2, "Sorry, you do not have sufficient gold to pay for vault usage" ) AddNpcMission(1050) AddNpcMission(1212) AddNpcMission(6091) AddNpcMission(6092) end UIDoublePwdForm.cpp void CDoublePwdMgr::_evtDoublePwdFromMouseEvent(CCompent *pSender, int nMsgType, int x, int y, DWORD dwKey) case MC_REQUEST: g_stUIDoublePwd.SendGameRequest(); break;// end } ----------------------------- @@ ++ line 284 void CDoublePwdMgr::SendGameRequest() { char szMD5[33] = {0}; md5string(g_stUIDoublePwd.edtDoublePwd->GetCaption(), szMD5); CS_SendGameRequest( szMD5 ); g_stUIDoublePwd.CloseAllForm(); } UIDoublePwdForm.h @@ ++ line 52 static const int MC_REQUEST = -1; @@ ++ line 80 void SendGameRequest();
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    Hey there, what's up? Not sure if many people here play minecraft, but in case anyone is interested, a couple of years ago i made 2 minecraft skins of 2 of the best apparels in the game in my opinion; Lance Templar set and frozen heart set. Here are the links in case you want to switch your minecraft skin: Templar set: https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/templar-set/ Frozen heart set: https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/frozen-heart-set-from-tales-of-pirates-online/
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    New Players in Game will Receive Starter Pack! 1 Claim per IP Mac Account.
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    @leanth240 All you strings in skilleff need one format. And i think need <240 strings. If you no understand, i can help you remote... Discord KingOfGorillas#6434
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    A growing collection of features/concepts developed and implemented in source code. Got any ideas? Let me know, it might end up here.
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    Hello @Amaru! This program is unneccesary if you see in your AccountServer.exe and GroupServer.exe message: SQL Injection fix It protects only against SQL injections in AccountServer.exe and GroupServer.exe (login packet and change secret code (PIN) packet).
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    Just to give an update on what I'm working on apart from fixing bugs and stuff: Payment One of the things on my list was to have an automatic payment system that awarded mall points the moment the payment was done instead of having to go through the painful flow of them donating, sending you an email and then finally getting the points. I plan to integrate the following 2 payment providers initially: PayPal Xsolla Action Log (for admins) Another one was an easily viewable/searchable log of all "important" actions taken by users or admin accounts on the site. I've already kind of laid down the foundation for this (you can see log files in the api folder for certain actions like mall purchases, category/item creations etc.). I plan to improve this and make it easy to keep track of what's going on on the website. Server Database This is nothing novel, but I really like how PKO has done the databases of monsters, items etc. available on the website. It's really useful, so I plan to implement something similar on this as well. This would be a pretty big feature, would contain things like portal opening times etc. as well. Some ideas- Pirate Clubs This has been on my mind for a while, I haven't fully thought out how the feature would work, I remember playing original ToP and joining these clubs but it was a while ago and I don't remember exactly how the implementation was on it. Definitely looking for thoughts/ideas on how this could be approached Media Gallery I'm not really sure how high the demand/utilization of something like this is, but I'd be open to implementing a media gallery for players to share stuff on if the interest is high enough on this. Definitely looking for feedback/suggestions on all of the above and anything else you would like to see.
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    Bug Title: when logging out of his character he disappears Bug Description: when logging out of his character he disappears How to replicate: when logging out of his character he disappears Status: CLOSED Author (whoever that fixes it): Eviles and GustavoHMA Reported Error location. opens the ItemContent.h file located at: Client\Common\common\include search for the function: short sNeedLv; and above it add this: bool bIsLock; getting like this: now search for this function: inline SItemGrid :: SItemGrid (short sId, short sINum) find: sNeedLv = 0; and above it add this: bIsLock = 0; getting like this:
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    You need to take the iteminfo from your server files side, compile it and put it in your client file side.
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    With this txt editor work with txt files is very simple and clean, THANK YOU for release
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    Доброго дня, для проекта по пиратии требуются компетентные люди во многих областях, если ты подходишь - пиши в личку! Требования: Честность Адекватность Грамотность Желание развиваться Обязанности: Написание скриптов любой сложности Написание текстов Перевод диалогов Введение базы данных Сбор статистики Отрисовка карт Мониторинг игрового мира Отрисовка анимации Отрисовка текстур Общение с игроками Генерирование идей Разработка всего что в голову придет Тестирование Знания: Языки программирования: LUA, C#, C++, PHP, Python, ASM Графика: PS, Gif, 3dmax, blender, bandicam или аналоги Базы: MSSQL, MySQL Реклама: Контекст Yandex\Google, Таргет Insta\Vk или аналоги Знание GIT Если не умеете - научу, главное желание и минимальный набор знаний. Есть масса договоренностей с различными командами по предоставлению услуг. В арсенале имеется множество полезных программ, знаний и умений - покажу, научу, подскажу. Ни в какие проекты не пойду, можно не предлагать, я знаю что сейчас происходит на этом рынке. Важно понимание игры, менталитета игроков, знание других проектов и их особенностей. Если ты не уверен и не готов играть в долгую - не пиши, побереги время. Оплата: Договорная Бюджет на проект от 300.000 рублей.
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    Появилась возможность создания подобного лаунчера за символическую цену. Если интересно - ЛС.
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    @KONG Code provided is proof of concept only. Implementation:
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    Little contribution. This should allow you to choose were a player revives when they press the prompt "revive in town". For those interested in making new map scripts and also stuff like respawning near a portal if a map is still active like "Chaos Argent" and such. Lua function and its corresponding source adjustment. MapRespawnOnDeath = function(Player) return "" end void CCharacter::BackToCity(bool bDie, cChar *szCityName, Long lMapCpyNO, Char chSwitchType) { SubMap *pCMap = GetSubMap(); pCMap->GoOut(this); SetToMainCha(bDie); CCharacter *pCMainCha = GetPlyMainCha(); pCMainCha->SetExistState(enumEXISTS_NATALITY); //pCMainCha->m_timerScripts.Reset(); /* if(bDie && (!strcmp(pCMap->GetName(), "guildwar"))) { if(GetGuildType() == emGldTypePirate) { szCityName = "guildwarpirateside"; } else { szCityName = "guildwarnavyside"; } } else if(bDie && (!strcmp(pCMap->GetName(), "guildwar2"))) { if(GetGuildType() == emGldTypePirate) { szCityName = "guildwarpirateside2"; } else { szCityName = "guildwarnavyside2"; } } */ if (g_CParser.DoString("MapRespawnOnDeath", enumSCRIPT_RETURN_STRING, 1, enumSCRIPT_PARAM_LIGHTUSERDATA, 1, pCMainCha, DOSTRING_PARAM_END)) szCityName = g_CParser.GetReturnString(0); if (!szCityName || !strcmp(szCityName, "")) pCMainCha->ResetBirthInfo(); else { SBirthPoint *pSBirthP; pSBirthP = GetRandBirthPoint(GetLogName(), szCityName); SetBirthMap(pSBirthP->szMapName); SetPos(pSBirthP->x * 100, pSBirthP->y * 100); } pCMainCha->SwitchMap(pCMap, pCMainCha->GetBirthMap(), pCMainCha->GetPos().x, pCMainCha->GetPos().y, false, chSwitchType, lMapCpyNO); }
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    //... static char buf[6]; const float seconds_remaining = _fPlayTime - _fCurTime; const int minutes = static_cast<int>(seconds_remaining / 60); const int seconds = static_cast<int>(seconds_remaining - (minutes * 60)); minutes > 1 ? _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%.2d:%.2d", minutes, seconds) : seconds > 1 ? _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%d", seconds) : _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%.1f", seconds_remaining); CGuiFont::s_Font.BRender(0, buf, x, y, COLOR_RED, COLOR_BLACK); } // End of function void CAniClock::Render(int x, int y);
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