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How to edit a complicated TGA File (VIP Neck Effect)

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So I tried to edit the VIP Neck effect where the word VIP goes on top. I also want to use the one that says TOP bcs. well. It's not a corrupted file and I can work on it. I wanted it to say HERO instead. The thing is when I edited the file I still see the silhouette of TOP on it. as shown in the image 


421228465_originalTOP.png.3da64b1fab8be762e4d4a85f6eaeb1bc.png     Result.png.6fc0a88f94bf972e3f60608b2e113558.png



I tried doing something else. I made a new file, made the background blank like a PNG file and it turned out like this





I tried to change the background to black but it still wouldn't work



Edit: I also tried using vipneck.tga and it appeared like this



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