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  1. mkhzaleh

    Assigning items in real time

    its done in lua long time ago i did one for give /take items from player too works like this /senditem playername,itemid,qty /takeitem playername,itemid,qty or can use item name as well like this https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/344232854294626305/589166325822128129/Untitled_Project.mp4
  2. mkhzaleh

    GameServer crashing...

    well its would not get at lua controls , but in PopupNotice case i guess this will work since players can't use these packets
  3. mkhzaleh

    GameServer crashing...

    i still don't think players can crash it from this overflow but what ever this for popnotice PopupNotice = PopupNotice or function(role, text) ------------ if string.len(text) > 150 then BickerNotice(role,"<PopupNotice> Message too long!") return 0 end ------------- local packet = GetPacket() WriteCmd(packet, 503) WriteString(packet, text) SendPacket(role, packet) end
  4. mkhzaleh

    GameServer crashing...

    no probably. i just use it in case
  5. mkhzaleh

    GameServer crashing...

    for systemnotice / BickerNotice Players don't have access to it this limit local chat "length " to 100 letters only
  6. mkhzaleh

    GameServer crashing...

    if string.len(message) > 100 then BickerNotice(role,"<Loca Chat> Message too long!") return 0 end use this in your handlechat
  7. mkhzaleh

    map time

    local chaosargent = Centertext("Chaos.Argent-Icicle City (1371,532)") chaosargent = chaosargent..Centertext("---------- Time of opening ----------") chaosargent = chaosargent.. Centertext("02:00, 14:00, Server time.") HelpInfo(role, 0, chaosargent) you can using something like this take a look to your maps time do some math with servertime and map time and do it
  8. mkhzaleh

    map time

    he can done it by lua too, just need to write few lines.
  9. mkhzaleh

    forbid enter

  10. mkhzaleh

    Who has hacking programs?

    fucking stupid
  11. mkhzaleh

    Current best Cloak script?

    or try this https://ufile.io/a6kc7cds
  12. mkhzaleh

    Eff / Par

    its working fine :) just find the right client
  13. mkhzaleh

    Eff / Par

  14. mkhzaleh

    Eff / Par

    you have to use EffectEditor its inside src files
  15. @wizel1 helo take a look there https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/iis/get-started/whats-new-in-iis-8/iis-80-dynamic-ip-address-restrictions