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  1. mkhzaleh

    In Game Shop 1.36-1.38

    helo go to gameserver.exe open it with hxd - search for " moliyo#TradeServer@bird&man " change it to new password use new password in gs.cfg use InfoPasswd should look like this change pw in dbo.safety now should work
  2. mkhzaleh

    game.exe 138

    helo guys can someone pass to me game.exe 138 clean ?
  3. mkhzaleh

    effect files

    helo guys . any one have any idea about how edit effect files? or open them like ( .eff / .par )? thx
  4. mkhzaleh

    2.4 Addresses

    u can find it here
  5. mkhzaleh

    extra skills bar

    yea right and thx guys
  6. mkhzaleh

    extra skills bar

    helo guys i saw befor guide about add extra skills bar like this can someone give me the link for that guide or tell me how edit it o.o! thx ...
  7. mkhzaleh

    Decompiling characterinfo.bin

    maybe u mean like this?
  8. mkhzaleh

    [QESTION] Game sever Limits Pko 2.4

    thx bro i will try find it x.x
  9. mkhzaleh

    [QESTION] Game sever Limits Pko 2.4

    up.. helo guys just need iteminfo line for gameserver and game.exe and done my work!
  10. mkhzaleh

    [QESTION] Game sever Limits Pko 2.4

    are this the iteminfo for game.exe? CPU Disasm Address Hex dump Command Comments 0041D7A2 |. 68 94A76300 PUSH OFFSET Game.0063A794 ; |Arg1 = ASCII "scripts/table/iteminfo" ?
  11. mkhzaleh

    [QESTION] Game sever Limits Pko 2.4

    thx bro:) do u have game.exe address for iteminfo ?
  12. mkhzaleh

    [QESTION] Game sever Limits Pko 2.4

    CAN SOMEONE put the address in hxd? (iteminfo/skilleffect) or how to convert the address from ollydbg to hxd? cuz i can't save my editing in ollydbg @V3ct0r @Totoka and thx
  13. mkhzaleh

    [QESTION] Game sever Limits Pko 2.4

    helo guys i try find the right address but OllyDbg don't work with me and idk how go to this address in hxd i found this one for skilleffect but which one is the right one and i found the address skillinfo.txt from @V3ct0r comment can u help me to find skilleffect + iteminfo +same for game.exe 2.4 (skilleffect + iteminfo+skillinfo) and thx
  14. mkhzaleh

    error with database

    thx all fixed just changed database with create new login