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  1. Would you mind sharing the editor? Or is it for sale? @mkhzaleh Thank you in advance!
  2. Does anyone knows how to enlarge this TITLE/s?
  3. We would like to invite you again to our server Aegeus Pirates Online! Take advantage of our free 20x Gift Box today. Join our discord for more detail. Discord: discord.gg/5bHUeMq Website: https://aegeus.online/ Server has been updated, minor patch/fix has been applied. Changes are the following: Server Side: - Fixed Server Crashing - Fixed Fairy Coin and Signet issues - Fixed Amplifier System - Added In-Game Shop - Fixed Gift Giver NPC Website: - Character information - Fixed In-Game database, will show accurate drop chance information - Show available skills for your character in character information option
  4. We are looking for a developer who can do the following: * In game FPS Modification * Mounts for 1.38 files NOTE: This is a paid services so don't hesitate to work with us.
  5. task to do *In game FPS Modification *Mounts for 1.38 files
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