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  1. I know futi8.tga is the texture file for Mordo Jr. Poss. How it works is basically two of the same TGA files (This image for example) will rotate around the character like so: I want just 1 image rotating and at a slower rate.
  2. Oh wow that worked. Thank you very much
  3. So I tried to edit the VIP Neck effect where the word VIP goes on top. I also want to use the one that says TOP bcs. well. It's not a corrupted file and I can work on it. I wanted it to say HERO instead. The thing is when I edited the file I still see the silhouette of TOP on it. as shown in the image I tried doing something else. I made a new file, made the background blank like a PNG file and it turned out like this I tried to change the background to black but it still wouldn't work Edit: I also tried using vipneck.tga and it appeared like this