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  1. Congrats! Server looks really nice!
  2. Hello, Is it possible to make an appereal look like lv 30 swordman outfit? Same as uns 55 as appereal? Is it just to a appereal line 5000+- and only change these numbers: 645 Rhino Hide Boots e0450 10110004 0000040004 0001040004 ??
  3. So i guess i can forget this idea? Because im only using 1.3x version? Thanks btw for responsing so quickly!
  4. Right now, the notice is this: (Found at Forge.lua) PlayEffect( npc, 361 ) Notice("Extreme celebration, "..cha_name.." Rebirth successful. Blessing from the whole server! "..cha_name.." Hope you have a safe journey and everything goes your way!") return 1 I guess it has to do with play effect? Because if i change Notice to GMNotice, nothing works.
  5. As the picture may say: How can i change the notice: Congrats on Rebirth... here above in screen, instead of system chat? _ Ted
  6. Brothers

    Mazes time

    Go to ur maze, (i pick Chaos argent / Garner2) Open Ctrl.lua function init_entry(map) SetMapEntryMapName(map, "jialebi") SetMapEntryTime(map, "2006/10/19/13/0", "0/1/0", "0/0/55", "0/0/59") -- The first set of numbers is the starting point (Year/Month/Day/Hour/Minute), next is opening interval (Day/Hour/Minute), portal open duration (Day/Hour/Minute), and last is the map duration (Day/Hour/Minute) end Its allready explained. But the first is cooldown, when does it open again. If you have 3 different mazes, 2 hours active, 1 hour deactive, every couldown should be : "0/9/0", Then, how long stays portal open? If its only 1 hour of portal, the second will be. "0/1/0", Then the durance of the map: "0/2/0" So: SetMapEntryTime(map, "2006/10/19/13/0", "0/9/0", "0/1/0", "0/2/0") The second maze, you can copy simply this line, but change the date: 2006/10/19/13/0 to 2006/10/19/16(The hours, 3 hours later then maze 1)/0 The third maze: 2006/10/19/19/0 Hope i did awnser your question. - Ted
  7. Hello, Is it possible, to make an extra line? Like some items can get 2, some items can get 3 slots? Like : If id = ... ..., then check holes > = 2, if not, then >=3? - Ivy
  8. Since ive worked on my server, i find so many "issues", but its not that hard to understand Same like this, they way u explain it ,sounds very easy Sadly i cant react on your post, but a big like! Thanks!
  9. Thank you very much, it worked now! Normally i use bin compiler and decompliers, but that didnt fix this
  10. Hey guys, last week, i changed a necklage (lv 30), raised the hp bonus and movement speed. After making it a bin file, i go check the store, and the item look changed. When i buy, the hp bonus get back to old status, movement stayed... kinda strange... Today, i changed the level of unseal 55 items, into lv 45. My character is level 45, so it all looks good, no red texts. But when i try to put on,"equipment level mismatch". I do what i always do, Just edit Iteminfo.txt, compile it (No error), place in resource & client... Hope someone here understands this problem? - ivy
  11. Will this work the same with 85 ring effect? When i fuse death armor, will it also keep effect?
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