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  1. Selling Digital Ocean Accounts. Fully verified. And also with 50$ credit codes. 20$ BTC per account. Bulk prices more than 7 15$ BTC ea PM me here and we'll discuss further
  2. Looking for a dedicated server to host your private server? Go no where else. I can provide you the best dedicated server. For a really good price. Here are the specifications for the Price 49$ Dedicated Base Model. Intel Xeon X3440/ 8 Cores HT » Memory: 4GB DDR3 ECC RAM » Storage Drive 1: 250GB SATA » Raid Configuration: Software RAID 1 » Network Port: 1Gbit Unshared » Data Transfer: 50TB Per Month » Usable IP/s (Max 8 IPs): 1 » Operating System: Win Server 2019 Standard 64-Bit (or any OS of your choice) » Server Location: Evoswitch or Equinix 7 (AMS, NL) If you need some add-ons or want to customize a bit more. Let me know. I am at your service. ==================================== Not interested in a dedicated server? Just a vps? I've got you covered. Price 20$ Windows VPS Base Model » Processor Model: 2x Intel Xeon vCore 2.0 GHz » Memory: 3GB Ram DDR3 » Storage Drive: 60GB Raid 10 Protected » Network Port: 1Gbit Unshared » Data Transfer: 3TB Premium » Operating System: Win Server 2012 R2 STD x64 » Usable IP/s (Max 2): 1 » Control Panel: 24x7 » Server Location: Evoswitch or Equinix 7 (AMS, NL) If you need some add-ons or want to customize a bit more. Let me know. I am at your service. Looking forward for you reply.
  3. Bump still selling. Already having very satisfied customers.
  4. Zanzka could not afford it /s Serverdev was TOP haven for Private server development. It had to go down to make room for PKO. and obviously cut ties with others for less competition. But anyways it has like 700-900 online. Which is great /s ( Lmao more than half of the population is cuz of the offline stalls.)
  5. Riizq


    None of these. They use vCores which is bad for hosting a game server. Even though the ram is in higher amounts. Also do they provide ddos protecion? If yes then how many gbps. And whats their bandwidth and download upload speeds. Because all of this matters. I would not recommend to buy these VPS. Too expensive. Why don't you just get a cheap dedicated host?
  6. If you buy it this week, you can get it for 39$ only! Don't miss the chance!
  7. That's it? I thought I was going to need to some different editor then use that to create something then edit that, and then convert that to again the original etc etc, Ty
  8. Hello, I want to change the skin color of the black theme in top 1. Please can someone tell me where do I start?
  9. It is cheap to get a VPS. And dedicated servers are way better to host the server on. And to go back to using hamachi is like using a steam punk engine, when it is age the of fast-diesel/bullet trains.
  10. Please, don't share false info. This is a dedicated server. Just because it has lower amount of ram and an i5 does not make it a VPS. And @yosf check PM.
  11. These are the specs. Only limited of these are available. Price is only 49$ Monthly. Please PM me if you are interested.
  12. Go through the archive once... https://mega.nz/#F!OUMUgTYb!jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g!bNEwAYjL
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