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  1. I love the way you make Sarcasm bro
  2. Hm i had one fully working,if i find it i'll send it to you in facebook Eliexer.
  3. Character Action stays like it is,open it in notepad.
  4. V3ct0r has shared it before on RU Section,i dont remember which autodesk 3ds version is needed to use but i guess it is 2010.
  5. The ROSO Copy guy is now speaking.Ewsie."Sky Under Online" "Shaun The Sheep Online" my ass.
  6. All you have to do is changing your username/password to your desired one & run this phps into Zend (NOT XAMPP OTHERWISE YOU WILL HANG ON TON OF PROBLEMS) and it will work like a charm.
  7. Ow yeah,look who's speaking right there.Bruh,you are the one copying/pasting.I have ran it in a test when he said it is flawless and clean of backdoors as well as some people said.Read previous replies before talking crap.
  8. Used this website in my latest server and ended up hacked by some kiddish moderator here.However,just a little hint,don't use this crap shit released by this cunt.By my very full respect.
  9. Try adding one more "end" after the codes and tell me
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