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  1. thx @V3ct0r for placing me on the comunity group Even tho i am not that active anymore this game was my childhood, and starting with tweaking the game and later looking into server files made me passioned about what i do for a living today.
  2. oh yeah PKO did alot of changed for example fix force pvp and stuff but then they changed it in the source code
  3. dont think so if it was possible i am sure it would be mainstream on many servers
  4. is it possible to use mySQL instead of SQL server? or any other database programs?
  5. create acc using the tool in mega and it should fix
  6. Nobre

    Serverdev archive

    the archive is down can some one give me a link? or i have to download and check for myself
  7. how can i get a texture for this mob http://mordo.info/monsters/view/charid/784/
  8. @Lucky did you correct the mega download link?
  9. @DarkRulez wow i downloaded it to check, and inside the folder script\extention is is empty there should be something in there EDIT try out the one in here https://mega.nz/#F!OUMUgTYb!jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g!SY0TGIqJ on projects folder sadly it seems to be uncomplete
  10. did you use the tool for 2.X client?
  11. Nobre

    Saeed's work

    looking forward to test your work. hope we could see more of your work in the future
  12. what about get us a print screen with the error. no one will help you if we dont know what you doing wrong
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