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  1. Thank you for your assistance @mkhzaleh if only I know where to locate those using Hex only. Is there by any chance that on source it stated the hex color value of those colors in item name?
  2. I just want to revive this thread since the topic is interesting. What is the exact offset to change the RGB color for the item name color? As you have notice the color is lighter that's why I want to change it into vivid one. Is it possible using hex only? I saw in CO that they manage to make it like that. DISCLAIMER: Credits for CO team on making this such beautiful concept. :D
  3. + this guy was known to be a scammer. He usually open a servers and do real life trading using his server and will close it for about a week or two. No reason to waste time with this guy.
  4. Hi, yes you can still contact me. Your discord doesn't work
  5. @wowo it's my web. The one you sell, i've tried to message you several times to get support for this web you sell to me. Somehow you see my message here and not on Skype? But seriously, i deserve a priority support from you. It's not a cheap web after all as you remember also i thought it will be all stable as you have said, if there is a fault on my side maybe in not checking it asap but how should i know it will be bug i expected better from your work? and many more bugs are still there.
  6. Can someone tell me what are the addresses for iteminfo & characterinfo for both gameserver.exe and game.exe please? I wanna add more lines for their limits. Thanks in advance.
  7. basic systems for a pkosite. if you have add-ons just tell me what more do you have.
  8. I am finding someone can sell me a unique template website design along with fully functional systems. Secured and have all the systems needed. Leave me a pm here thank you.
  9. Greetings. I'm still a newbie in developing frontend designs for website, i am practicing myself to be a UI/UX designer. I'am self-learned and yet i still need assistance, i decided to come up with a small business which i applied my skills. Now i wanted to extend my business to the fullest but i really need a help. For those freelancers or professionals that have a free time and willing to help me please try to contact me i can provide you more information in a private message. Thanks in advance guys. Have a nice day/night You can contact me in this forum or in my Facebook Page.
  10. @Angelix exactly bro thank you very much for this, imma test it now. I'll give you a feedback asap.
  11. @Angelix the problem on illusion slash and dual shot is that they can 1 shot 1 kill other players, idk if how that happen. So im thinking with damage limitation depends on the opponent's HP will not let them to kill other people instantly. About the spiritual bolt i just want it to get applied on monsters only, like the 3x magic damage on monsters, but on mine damage multiplier will depends on the monster HP lost, like Full HP = normal bolt damage, and when the HP is getting low the damage of the bolt increases every 0.01 or 0.02%? Maybe with this they can farm better, do a bossing better too. Hope i explain it well, sorry for my bad english
  12. Hi can anyone do this please? Illusion Slash: - Damage will be based on how much HP is lost A random damage base on HP of the defender - If HP >5K then damage will be around 1-3K if HP <5K then damage will be 800-1,3K Dual Shot: - (Same as Illusion Slash) Spiritual Bolt, Thunder Bolt, Conch Ray: - Damage will be based on monsters HP - damage multiplier is based on HP lost of the monster, (idk what is good value per hp lost 0.2% maybe per HP lost?) Hope someone can make me this, willing to pay thank you.
  13. The good place you can put it is in the end of NpcScript08 i guess, since i put mine there.
  14. Uhm, you mean like this? dofile(GetResPath("script/extension/sample.lua"))
  15. @Ximboliex thank you so much! I understand it very well, i will try and give you a feed back!
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