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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, sorry if my English is bad, today I am here to share some files that I took from the public link PKO 2.5 in which I was editing adding running errors that appeared, I had these files for about 1 year in which I was not full but entered to edit I never put these files online and no one else has them. The reason why I am releasing them is that about 2 months ago I changed equipment and the files that I saved in a memory were deleted and I could not recover them, the file that I share is a copy that I found saved in mega that is incomplete with the 50% advance, the rest was lost. These files have: Admiral cloak Quiz and Reward Rare Pets Achievement Many effects Some systems that I don't remember I entered small cities to be able to open all the maps in a single GS, within the files are the databases, I entered swing but replacing the effects of rebirth, when you put the rb, the swing will appear (in the client it is modified but they are not In the wings you will have to add them, just replace the rebirth with the swings and add them in effects) many things were lost, if it works for someone then use them and if you have doubts I will answer them I'm not that good of a scripter but I tried to make a different server but since the time I lost discouraged me, I could never get the game mall working, luck https://mega.nz/file/LR8yDRCZ#Gq7Tsas4gt0Y3MoSO7eaggssZpWV0odx1J0z0ZzQIec https://mega.nz/file/2V0lnBzD#ABVDC2zCNmJjGK4smycZLgbX9XH0uYC1YaVd49YV9h8
  2. What is the latest top2 server/client files with working swings/ cloak / NA armor etc etc ... and download link
  3. Трабла собственно ясна из названия покапал поиск нашел тему "тык" решения в ней не нашел!!! орудовать взялся сборкой, Клиент от туда же. DayLight Online II ver. 2.5 под IGS 3.0 Log'и с клиента "Посмотреть" Log'и с сервера "Посмотреть" Файлик (с таблицы "character" GameDB) в клиенте изменений не вносилось, кроме (ServerSet) с помощью (IPChanger 2.х) в идеале хотелось бы "фикс готовый" (но это не про нас) так что скажите пожалуйста, в какую сторону копать?
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