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    I put up a git repository for those with issues getting the Corsairs Online source codes running. Feel free to fork it if you wish to make more of your own fixes. I applied all the fixes from the following topics except for the bank pin because I think that is annoying: But those are not all the fixes needed, as mentioned in the following comment: Besides that I made a couple of folder adjusted, added some sql scripts, and little bits here and there to make it easier to work with. I'm not going to fix the bugs mentioned - I just did this to make porting to top-recode easier. The repository is located there: https://gitlab.com/deguix/corsairs-online-public. Instructions on how to use it are there as well. If you have any issues on how to use i and on how to fork it and fix it yourself, you can also comment here: https://discord.gg/uu9TDUGq2v. I might be able to help you. Just don't expect me to fix anything.
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    Many thanks, I have recompiled the code and this solved the problem. I am very happy that you pointed me in the right directions.
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    If this is pertaining to V3ct0r selling services, see Graf's post two above yours.
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    there is a guide from youtube how to attach database. i follow that it never showed any error. also use the same database from lucky.
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    @Mesut Photoshop + Client/scripts/lua/forms
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    Addons, Extensions & Tools: [Tool] Python Decompiler(any version of top/pko) : https://mega.nz/#!mJpzAbDT!oqzE-nH1g9ojlKgxNdGsYZSfsZTuyzH-XCxhLanh2jA [Tool] PKO II 2.4 Compiler: https://mega.nz/#!GRRhEQxR!ko2a9ppTG0CSt4585wIiqzn4GAz6e9cv47Ii32WB8eQ [Library] PKO II Libs: https://mega.nz/#!WNp2AaLA!Y6kUomp2XyM8YMFHahi9laML4bg_gbOsVpdIS_oGxmk
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