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  1. Great project! :)
  2. Inuarashi

    item usage

    @wizel1you can create a script that checks if the character has the state already or not, for the item that you use. such as heaven berry have state_xxxxx, then do a check if state == 1, and if it does, prompt a message and return, end, before the consumption of the item.
  3. Inuarashi

    Forge rates. Can anyone help? Detailed Description

    look around in scripts/calculate/forge.lua
  4. Inuarashi

    About Client "Invisible Items"

    client memory unit?
  5. Inuarashi

    Change the details of the item.

    I think that is done through the patching of the client.
  6. Inuarashi

    How to solve this problem?

    I believe there is a file called stringset.bin that also contains some of the exe names such as the name of the game.
  7. Inuarashi

    How to solve this problem?

    are you planning to translate the whole game into your language?
  8. Inuarashi

    GetPlayerByName /playeffect

    normally stuff relates to the player is reset when logged out, so if you want it to stay for a long time without it being removed while logging out then probably a database or a substitute for a database will be suitable. (like a text file)
  9. Inuarashi

    Client Crashing

    does the client crash while changing regions?
  10. Inuarashi

    Find a language change teacher.

    are to translating the game into a different language?
  11. Inuarashi

    Fusion Rings

    why would you fuse rings into apparels? o_o
  12. Inuarashi

    Get Ship ID ERROR

    @FapFap what are you trying to do with this script? o.o anyways, try this, might work. function ResumeFuel(cha) local Cha_Boat = ChaIsBoat(cha) if Cha_Boat ~= 1 then return end local boat = TurnToShip(cha) local fuel,mxfuel,fuelrec = GetChaAttr(boat, ATTR_SP),GetChaAttr(boat, ATTR_MXSP),GetChaAttr(boat, ATTR_SREC) local dura,mxdura,durarec = GetChaAttr(boat, ATTR_HP),GetChaAttr(boat, ATTR_MXHP),GetChaAttr(boat, ATTR_HREC) if(fuel <= 0)then if(dura > 0)then SystemNotice(boat, 'No more fuel! ['..GetChaDefaultName(boat)..'] is slowly getting damaged.') durarec = durarec - 0.025 * mxdura dura = math.min(mxdura, dura + durarec) SetCharaAttr(dura, boat, ATTR_HP) end if(dura <= 0)then return end else fuel = math.max(0, fuel - fuelrec) SetCharaAttr(fuel, boat, ATTR_SP) end end end ResumeHook = Resume Resume = function(role) ResumeHook(role) ResumeFuel(role) end
  13. Inuarashi

    Get Ship ID ERROR

    that means that a function is calling this function each second (or a lot of times a second), try to search ur files for TurnToShip and see what function is triggering this function (example would be cha_timer) the log appears because x_role in this function is nil based on some function that is running it. it probably happens because you are using TurnToShip (role) function on something that doesnt require the character to be in a ship (so GetCtrlBoat is nil) and returning this message.
  14. Inuarashi

    110% apparel effect

    its probably in your scripts, could you post the function for us to see?
  15. Inuarashi

    Devil Curse skill

    Could as well change (role) to (DEFER) to keep the function in the skill, but defined it correctly to the right variable. AllExAttrSet(role) to AllExAttrSet(DEFER) :)