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  1. Thanx for the tips guys will check it out. One more thing ALL other people on my server there game crashes after 30+mins of playing. Normally when walking back into Argent City. Myself as well it happens. Is this due to a bad client?
  2. Good Evening Guys Sorry to bother but does anyone have a link to a stable clean server files and client which has the Physillis Crusader? Currently using clean 1.36 but for some reason the Game.exe is crashing after about 30mins of playing. Thank you so much
  3. I have my server running which is fine. but one of my friends when they open Start Game.bat the loading picture appears for like a second and then nothing. No game loads. He is running Windows 10 Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  4. Good Evening everyone I am offering my services as a web developer to design a custom PKO website for you. You will need to give me the SQL info of your host so I can setup the registration and logins for the website. I have done this for awhile and I know its not that difficult to setup, just the design takes time. My price is 30$, half when i start and the other half when your 100% happy with the design, you will get: - A custom PKO website - 2 Revisions for any changes you would like - I can also design a logo for 5$ extra. No mascot(eg pirate) just a Simple Text based logo with some work done to it. PM me if you would like to work together :)
  5. Nevermind i figured it out. i will be making a tutorial for it :)
  6. Hi there Dan! sorry to bother. Do you have a guide on setting up a pko website on your own .com domain?
  7. Could someone please link me a working SQL 2012 Mall/Auction database :) Thank you so much
  8. Hi everyone my website is all working but when i go to my no-ip address i get my router? Is there a port i need to forward or something? Thank you for the help.
  9. Is it possible to host my PKO website on my own domain? If so what do I need to change to make the registrations etc work? I used the search and checked guides but found nothing :( Thank you guys :)
  10. would you be willing to share your source files for this?
  11. Are you able to help with this @V3ct0r? everytime i try it says an error or something is missing.
  12. Solid Strife

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    Sorry to bother but im getting completely confused with the readme file the prerequisites dont exist anymore? and im not sure how to do the path to my database? I tried getting it done and it kept giving me errors. Always when i try the commands eg: php artisan key:generate i get an error that some files are missing.
  13. Hi everyone. Last thing I need for my server to go live is a website using the TOP system. Can anyone link to the best one they know of? I dont mind if theirs no item mall etc but any extra features will be awesome :D Thank you guys :)
  14. Hi guys I have given my friends clean client files 1.36 but if they change any graphic settings then after a few mins their games crash and they have to open again and the settings have gone back to default? anyone know of this issue?
  15. Hi everyone my server is all working locally. now i just need a guide ( if possible ) for hosting a server withouth hamachi. I have my own server with 32GB Ram, i7 6th Gen, GTX 660ti and 3 TB internal HDD. So i think it will run fine. All on a 100MB fibre internet line. If anyone has a guide to putting my server online like using no-ip (tried but doesnt seem to work) please let me know :) Would like to get some people to come try my server and all the custom stuff I have spent the last month designing :D
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