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  1. Rinor

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    @KONG Could you re-upload sources?
  2. Rinor

    Official TOP

    it's been 3 years already.. how time flies .-.
  3. Rinor

    game Setting

    which client is this?
  4. Rinor

    Hull Repair bug

    That works aswell, still may show you some errors after a while
  5. Rinor

    Hull Repair bug

    Remove "ALLExAttrSet(role)" works fine even without it
  6. Rinor

    Whirlpool skill bug

    @Ahmed change all cha_role to role
  7. Rinor


    You got some problems with me? none asked your help
  8. Rinor


    BUMP... mm
  9. Rinor

    Admiral Cloak - Addon

    how to call it then, i used it at cha_timer can i change "Player" to another name?
  10. Rinor

    Admiral Cloak - Addon

    @Satan This erros keep spamming my lua_err.txt, i followed the guide and it worked fine to unseal/add attributes it only doesn't increase stats and doesn't show glows, i added PIO_Effect_Cloak(Player) at cha_timer aswell..
  11. Rinor


    I think use xampp better? @FapFap
  12. Rinor


    anyone? @V3ct0r
  13. Rinor

    NPC Scripter

    Alright take your time :)
  14. Rinor

    NPC Scripter

    NPC that allows you to exchange Imps (Mall Points) ex: 100 Imp Scroll (item) to Imps on account
  15. Rinor