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  1. how make 1 ip connect limit 2-3 accs per imp? any tutorials.
  2. someone know how make if pt or guild member name color 1 and if enemy name color 2
  3. someone know good host affordable besides ovh?
  4. wizel1

    Increase rate with cmd

    Someone can share function to increase rate in game with command without restarting server?
  5. wizel1

    Auto Rates

    can share function pls? @FapFap @Stinger
  6. someone is have automatic q&a event script? where no require gm be online
  7. wizel1

    guild freeze server

    anyone know why when click guild tab, there is delay and server feeze for few sec then resumes?
  8. neverminds, seems if restart pc 2nd time it works...
  9. all was working fine, until me pc is crash and reboot now not works.
  10. wizel1

    Cannot speak or type in gamd

    also have 1 problem, when i try make lv 9 gem with &make 885,1,109 it only give lv1 for all gems cannot make any higher lvl than 1 except if i combine normal
  11. wizel1

    Cannot speak or type in gamd

    I’m use PKO 138+Tools files in lucky archive know cause of problem?
  12. wizel1

    Cannot speak or type in gamd

    i can talk now but sometimes gm commands don't work I must relog, sometimes it seems like I am disable from talking unless I relog, it will fix, but it happen every few mins any helps?