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  1. help on making fusable item

    Ah yes I know, I already have it like that. That's why I'm saying it's possible.
  2. help on making fusable item

    It's possible to make any ID fuseable.
  3. PKO 2.4 Server Source Code [VS2017]

    Yes please, if you can also do client, it would be highly appreciated! Thanks for this as well.
  4. SQL 2008 Accountserver hang

    I can help you via TeamViewer if you like. Just send me a PM through discord! Discord: Angelix#2836
  5. CA Balance

    Yes, just look on all files where "garner2" is mentioned and add your map there.
  6. Angelix's Market

    Cleaned and services are back up again.
  7. PKO 2.4 Fairy Poss

    For future reference (for other members), the message is kinda clear, you need to get the second generation fairy from a marriage or remove that check on functions.
  8. Contabo - My Thoughts

    I think @Mii or me mentioned this issue (or somewhat related) before on another thread. Once you start getting DDoS'd, Contabo's mitigation is completely shutting off the network to the VPS, where not even you would be able to access through remote desktop connection. OVH's mitigation is sending those packets to one of their own servers so you don't get affected.
  9. English stable server list cleaned, deleted threads with sites not accessible.

  10. increase skilleff limit

    Just by hexing, yes.
  11. increase skilleff limit

    Even if you hex Game, I think there's several things within GameServer not allowing more ID than the original amount. This was discussed on some threads before as well.
  12. Question

    You can use Google and search for VPS. Few popular ones around here are OVH and Contabo, although I wouldn't trust Contabo to host an official server since they lack good anti-DDoS measures.
  13. Quick Question Regarding Dupe

    It's not full proof, some testing was done and you can have clones without it being detected.
  14. Quick Question Regarding Dupe

    It does that whether you're using one or multiple game servers. I use multiple game servers and still get disconnected when trying to teleport from one map to another from time to time.
  15. Pko - regards mob's models tweak

    Please remember that PKO is using custom exes, so maybe they changed the encoding. Best bet is that you'll have to compile using their client if they haven't removed the compiling function.