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  1. I've been helping people and releasing stuff for free some time ago, including creating guides. So the phrase "nowadays no one helps you for free" is awfully wrong.
  2. Angelix

    Create a Quest

    Would you mind reading the guide?
  3. Angelix

    Foxlv2 Server files!

    You won't get your hands on FoxLV II files since they were never shared and probably won't. As for V2.4 files, you can get them on from around the forum, they've been shared including it's corresponding TradeServer files.
  4. Angelix

    Create a Quest

    Read the guide, “Custom Quest Part IX” mentions how to do it as a daily quest.
  5. It will be 9999 without modifiers like Berserk or other effects.
  6. That the formula where it caps at 300...
  7. Try checking out the function "ExAttrCheck" within AttrCalculate.lua, it sets a maximum of 300 base attack speed.
  8. Angelix

    110% apparel effect

    The code takes 2 crystals when it fails, get this piece of code: local a = Check_CG_beuplv ( Item_beuplv_Lv ) if a == 0 then R1 = RemoveChaItem ( role , Item_ScItem_ID , 1 , 2 , ItemBag [0] , 2 , 1 , 0 ) R2 = RemoveChaItem ( role , Item_YxItem_ID , 1 , 2 , ItemBag [2] , 2 , 1 , 0 ) if R1 == 0 or R2 == 0 then LG( "beuplv" , "Delete item failed" ) end local cha_name = GetChaDefaultName ( role ) LG( "JingLian_ShiBai" , "Player "..cha_name.." Strengthening has failed" ) SystemNotice( role , "Sorry, Strengthening has failed. Some items have disappeared!") return end And remove this: R1 = RemoveChaItem ( role , Item_ScItem_ID , 1 , 2 , ItemBag [0] , 2 , 1 , 0 ) R2 = RemoveChaItem ( role , Item_YxItem_ID , 1 , 2 , ItemBag [2] , 2 , 1 , 0 )
  9. Angelix

    Create a Quest

    Updated the guide a bit.
  10. Angelix

    Create a Quest

    I'm barely going active again, I don't know if you fixed your issue by now, but I believe your issue has to do with the quest ID being too high. Creo que tu problema es porque el ID de tu mision es muy alta, intenta poner una diferente pero mas baja, menos de 6 mil.
  11. Angelix

    Contabo - My Thoughts

  12. Angelix

    Base Files (update 04.15.16)

    Yes, that's all you need if you really want them.
  13. Angelix

    Base Files (update 04.15.16)

    The files from this thread are already released, which he said not to use. As for sources, he won't release them as it's for his upcoming server. He's busy, if you want the files from this thread, you have to look through the posts.
  14. Angelix

    Angelix's Market

    Updated main thread. Still selling services and new map. Capture The Flag (team map): Full customization of the map: Size of teams. Rewards. Kill messages. Opening times (interval, portal open, map closing) are setup like any other map (example being Chaos Argent). Portal is closed when there is enough players to fill both teams. Teams are assigned randomly. Killing a player instantly revives them at their respective base. To win a match you must obtain points, which can be set to be received by (can be zero if not wanted): Getting the flag. Killing a player. Taking the flag from enemy team. Getting killed. By taking the flag and placing it on enemy base. System will show: Where flag spawns. Who has the flag every X seconds. Scores of both teams every X seconds. Who kills who (with customized messages). Flag can be configured to be passed onto the player that killed current holder or reset back to shrub. Map can be configured to be standard or modified damage. With modified damage all skills do same damage. Skills can be classified as melee, primary or secondary skill. You can set which skill fall under what category. You can set how much damage (in percentage of enemy max health) does. Modified damage can be toggled by just changing one variable. Quick video. Any more information can be detailed through PM or discord.
  15. Angelix

    [Request] Source basic Tutorial 1.x

    You can start with this!