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  1. Angelix

    Plant the Bomb - Map

    Nice! Awesome to see my Rush scripts being used. <3
  2. Angelix

    Angelix's Market

  3. Angelix

    ¿what you need to know to sart programming?

    The issue is that people want to open a public server right away. When a problem arises they come here looking for people to fix it for them. They want a fix and want it fast, instead of trying to learn by looking at the piece of code they installed not knowing how it works. Theres plenty of guides here about a lot of stuff. Want to host a local server? Create an account? Create a quest? New items? There’s a guide for all of that and more. You just need to have the initiative and look for the stuff you want to learn.
  4. Angelix

    LuaSQL - Nil Value | Working One

    It was done, the console shows it has LuaSQL, yet his GS doesn’t register the function. With another GS it does work fine. I tried helping via TV and couldn’t get it to work.
  5. Angelix


    FapFap has a modified GameServer and somehow it doesn't register the functions, that's why it throws "nil value". He also sent me a GameServer from Lucky's file I think and it's the same thing. When I tried adding LuaSQL to the GameServer provided on files shared by Vector (138 files), it does work.
  6. Angelix

    How do you enable in PK in arena/dream or anywhere?

    It seems you got different issues. 1. Do you have a modified "garner" map? If so, did you add/remove the PvP area in the bar? 2. Does your dream map have PK enabled via lua and also map configuration? You can check via Yammi. 3. Your ticket functions are probably bugged, maps are not opened or wrong birth points. 4. Modify the fairy possession function and remove the check for marriage.
  7. If they do that, they can also change the bot to access another port. It probably wouldn't stop them.
  8. His Discord is now [Mr]Strange#9579.
  9. Angelix


    I mean his scripts are going to throw errors when trying to use the item function. He also uses a variable called “amount” and doesn’t declare it anywhere. He also declares the variable “Name” and a table for “Points”, and yet he doesn’t use it, although that’s not a big problem. I think the issue is that LuaSQL is not a registered function by seeing the whole “LuaSQL a nil value” thing? Don’t know much to be honest. Anyway @FapFap, LuaSQL uses the user and password you use for each database at MSSQL, not the encrypted passwords or other users. Also, I don’t know if you have a separate database for the IMPs, if you use IGS, then it should be TradeServer.
  10. Angelix


    Show us a screen of your GameServer console where it shows LuaSQL is loaded.
  11. Angelix


    Send me a PM through discord and I’ll help you. Angelix#2836
  12. Angelix

    Guild Change Name card

    If you don’t want the names to have spaces then remove the “%s” from the find function. By putting “%w%s” in the search, it will allow letters, numbers and spaces. I guess by removing “%s” will only allow letters and numbers.
  13. Angelix

    Guild Change Name card

    I don't know if you kept all of that, but maybe give this a try. Function: CheckString = function(Name) if string.len(Name) < 5 or string.len(Name) > 16 then return print("Name ["..Name.."] is too short or too long.") end if string.find(Name, "[^%w%s]") ~= nil then return print("Name ["..Name.."] must only contain alphanumeric values.") end return print("Name ["..Name.."] is correct.") end Input Values: CheckString("ABCD") -- 4 CheckString("ABCDE") -- 5 CheckString("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP") -- 16 CheckString("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ") -- 17 CheckString("ABCDEFG IJKLMNOP") -- 16 CheckString("ABCDEFG_IJKLMNOP") -- 16 CheckString("A!C E@G I#K M$OP") -- 16 Results: Name [ABCD] is too short or too long. Name [ABCDE] is correct. Name [ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP] is correct. Name [ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ] is too short or too long. Name [ABCDEFG IJKLMNOP] is correct. Name [ABCDEFG_IJKLMNOP] must only contain alphanumeric values. Name [A!C E@G I#K M$OP] must only contain alphanumeric values. You just need this simple code to check if it contains any weird symbol. if string.find(<STRING>, "[^%w%s]") ~= nil then ... end If you want to test Lua stuff without really opening a server, use the Lua manual and this site to run code: Repl.it Lua Manual - String Manipulation
  14. Angelix

    Max gem lvl

    Replace: if ItemType2 == 49 and ItemType3 == 49 then if Item2_Lv >= 9 or Item3_Lv >= 9 then SystemNotice ( role , "Gem Lv max") return 0 end end if Item2_Lv ~= Item3_Lv then SystemNotice(role ,"Level of 2 gems does not match") return 0 end For this: local MAX_LEVEL_GEM = 4 if ItemType2 == 49 and ItemType3 == 49 then if Item2_Lv ~= Item3_Lv or Item2_Lv >= math.min(MAX_LEVEL_GEM, 9) then SystemNotice(role, "The level of both gems do not match or have reached maximum level.") return 0 end end This will prohibit players from combining gems above the maximum level (that will be the one you place or at most level 9). This will prevent players from having gems above the said max level and therefor from forging higher gems onto equipment.
  15. Angelix

    Max gem lvl

    Can you please post can_unite_item_main function so we can help you.