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  1. Wrong section.Try running executables as administrator and make sure logins are correct/password of logins is encrypted.
  2. I'll end this right here, in case you don't know I have used pko-Site 1.0.0 to build my site also I don't see a reason of these "additional" useless codes on the one you have just uploaded. Thanks for coming in this thread once again
  3. Hello, do you have any proofs that I hacked anyone or am I zizo?Leeching?I think that's how we actually are here, leeching others work (TOP server-files).And as I replied to Totoka, this is not my own work, each feature has a creator and all I have done is cleaning it from back doors and making it secure to the maximum I could.I hope you now understand the purpose of this thread, thank you.
  4. Simon

    Game.exe Info

    Hello, @V3ct0r ! Here it is!
  5. Don't really care what you think about me, to be honest, no one ringed your bell so better minding your own business will ya?Uh plus probably you need glasses cause I've been helpful and I've got no more spare time, and no I'm none of these show off you just mentioned.
  6. "ex partner"? I don't think this will be a relationship, but whatever 100$ compared to what a pro dev is a piece of cake and especially if he is going to do everything + you're not looking for a slave are you? Sharing protections that he has spent at very least 100$ from @V3ct0r that if he already bought them or tried to create one?Not every dev here can create his own protection.Your request is pointless and useless and more like a nonsense one. Not trying to be mean or something so no hard feelings, but... GOOD LUCK
  7. Simon

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    Any updates for this @Perseus ?
  8. Simon

    Game.exe Info

    Are you sure it's working fine?Because each game.exe I check (even a non modded one) says the same thing for me Port:1640373 Version:1935605896
  9. Says the worst hater ever.Maybe if you tried to respect your own words on your sold stuff it would be better, and again there's no need for a piece of code when most of the people get hacked while using it, actually trying to act professional like you always do isn't working on this case because what's proven is already proven and already done, now excuse me, I have a better stuff to do than replying to your nonsense messages.
  10. Don't remember myself starting this argument about "shitty", and yes, of course, you're not the owner. The original owner of this I believe is paicat and you just released something stolen, you're the guilty here =)
  11. And also, here's a definition you might need to read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penetration_test
  12. Stop excuses, you make yourself look so stupid.We all know your release is flawy and you just trying to deny that fact.If you were a real pen tester you'd already know it, but you're just all talk.No hard feelings, no butt hurt.
  13. There are "PKO" Versions, 1.36 1.38 then comes the 2.x 2.4 2.5 2.7 which is quite similar to TOP2 that many people still confuse between TOP2 and 2.x versions then comes the version 3.0 which I believe it's a version derived from 1.3x available on China (HAOBO Company Inc.)
  14. There's a huge difference between mine and yours and it didn't come up to be costing until it had modifications/cleaning & back doors tracking. Why would I prove the opposite while it's already proven, several servers have opened using your shitty stolen release and have been injected with it.Ending this conversation right here, ain't got no intention arguing with someone probably "jealous".
  15. I would say the same for you shitty release.
  16. Leeching no, I did take features yes but have done cleaning each of them and tracking each available back door. My work will be exposed when each copy is sold (Different Designs) & they will be posted and thanks for understanding.
  17. I didn't develop everything from this list, I have polished it & made it secured to avoid SQL Injection, custom databases as for a database with new columns for more security inside the website.
  18. Honestly, I don't really care what you are saying but if you're not interested don't disturb this thread and mind your own business/sale thread instead and thanks.
  19. I wouldn't, I don't have a server to run it on and I don't think it's necessary.
  20. The databases are made to be running with brand new columns compatible with the website & they don't have any conflicts to the server executables.
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