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  1. Here: https://mega.nz/#F!OUMUgTYb!jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g
  2. What do you mean with administration file? do you mean GM command list?
  3. Right click server name from the SSMS and go to server properties. Click security and enable Wndows and SQL Server Authentication mode
  4. Not bad! Will you also make additional skins in the future of various apparels?
  5. If i remmber correctly, if you have to increase the limit in gameserver.exe and aswell as game.exe. Precicely how...i dont know
  6. Isnt this the lv 95 uns glow? (in top2 it was the omnidos apparel glow)
  7. Do you have any cool developments on this that you would like to share with us? ^-^
  8. You dont need any key for the reporting service, just accept the terms and continue.
  9. Spidpex


    Rip, the discord became a private server
  10. 1. if i recall correctly, moliyo went bankrupt 2. There are atleast 1 chinese private server running that im aware of 3. IGG was just the publisher of top2, not the developer, so no Source code
  11. I think i would go for relaxing calm female vocal melodic dubstep!
  12. What about a function to give gold, or to retrive items from player's inventory?
  13. TOP: GO Getting good old counter strike vibe now :P
  14. Also! What about a Guild hall aswell, maybe a NPC that is unique that players in the same guild can enter in, and they appear in a big hall, and inside the hall, it might be a outskirt area where there's a "punching bag" where players can test/showoff their damage/sleshes/bolts, maybe a few benches, a potion NPC, and just a general clean enviroment where the memebrs can hang out and discuss stuff in private in the open without being interupted by other players locally. IMO i think that would be a perfecto idea! <3
  15. Also @Satan Do you think its possible to add "ranks" to the members of the guild, ranks that only the Guild Master/Guild Leader can assign (lets say 3 vice leader ranks) also, so that a guild master can remove these vice ranks from anyone at any time, aswell as giving his own "Guild Master" role over to another person aswell as he desires. And those "Vice Leaders" are able to retrive and put in unlimited items from the guild bank without any restrictions as much as the Guild master, do you think its doable? :o
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