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  1. Bro I did downloaad the d3d8.h library and put it in includes folder. That stopped its error but the errors that came after it are lots. But i also instlled VS2005 coz Wrexor told me it'll work with that, but i get same exact errors Edit: I forgot to mention that the errors am getting are actually from the mindpower3d proejct sln
  2. Bro what I've seen just now is mind blowing!! Any updates about it or about the demo in 2021? I hope you succeed in all means because this really deserves to be called TOP 3.0
  3. The last time I used visual basic was in 2012. But I know that there is a main solution file that links all other required files to build the project. So I believe it is kop.sln but correct me if I'm wrong. When I open kop.sln it loads mindpower3d.sln too so that seems right at least.. but when I try to simply build the project I get tons of errors. I migrated all sln files to 2019 and no luck. Also, I looked inside every folder, I don't have a folder called MINDPOWER3D like u have. I downloaded the files several times and I can't find it. Not just I don't have it, but I have folders in different directories than the one you put in pictures I also did try to fix it. I realized that codes were missing g dx8.1 sdk so I put it I Include folder. Then it kept telling me that there are many identifiers that are undefined but I can't simply go and define them, and these identifiers r on header files in my windows 10 sdk folder not my source code folder so I don't think I should play with that....
  4. Also, in addition to my previous post. I have missing folders like MINDPOWER3D .. I simply don't have it.. where are you people getting your source codes from...
  5. Guys can someone post an upgraded version of the source code, possible 2013+? (Preferably 2019). I've been trying for 4 hours to upgrade the project files but VS2019 is giving my over 20k errors.. yes errors not warnings. I know the code would run on VS2005 but its hard to get that and its simply outdated.. So those who already got the project running on a newer version of Visual Studio please share.. Thanks Edit: I downloaded VS2005 and tried building the project.. im getting the same exact errors.. Its telling me there are mistakes in .h files that are located inside the visual studio folder, and when i try to make changes and save, it gives access denied, both in vs2005 and vs2019.... so .......??? wht to doooo
  6. Bro where did you find these codes. I opened Game.exe in hex editorr and didn't find any of these codes at the offsets..
  7. Hey @V3ct0r I can't wait till you release it for free! Please tell me when you do. I appreciate it so much!!
  8. Guys, i've been trying to communicate with Adrian since a week now but he hasn't been on at all. If anybody can mod my files/client to do the same thing in the picture or can reach Adrian out of this forum, i'd be grateful.
  9. Thank you for your reply, this is very helpful! Do you know of any guide that teaches hex editing or something similar. Thank you, much appreciated.
  10. The thing is that I didn’t get any system messages except fusion success. i use Barbarossa knife and fork which I think should be above 5000 am not near my files now anyway so.. I will check when am back p.s: I also used normal apparel like crimson sword and azure sword
  11. Thank you for the reply but its not about effectiveness. I put 2 non-matching pictures by mistake. The thing is, in the second picture, a lvl 85 sword is fused into an apparel twice. What happened is that the sword lost its STATS, but as can be seen, it still gives the same attack damage! Which means that its not about effectiveness; there is a bug where second fusion removes stats of the weapon/equipment. Also, yes I'm sure that client and server side files are matching.
  12. Where can I find those functions in the titles? I can't seem to find them in any script file. I'm trying to solve the problem of apparel fusion in my previous post since nobody helped me at all. So anybody knows where I can find the scripts of the most basic functions such as OpenFusion? I've searched all the files but couldn't find any.
  13. Hello. This is my final problem.. When I fuse an equipment ( a sword) into an apparel, it works fine. But if i try to fuse the fused apparel sword to another new apparel, it loses all its stats. See the picture for more info. I tried with different swords and apparels but all same. Any leads would be much appreciated, I really have no clue how to fix this. Thank you.
  14. Hello.. I fixed the previous problem where growth rate isnt working. Now, when I use any lvl of fairy poss, all stats go down instead of up! Any idea how to fix this?! Thanks
  15. I tried doing the dofile thing, it still doesn't show in the CMD window that the Add-on.lua is loaded and pet growth still doesnt change. Any ideas man? thanks
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