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  1. Thanks for your thoughts I will look into this. Anymore ideas by anyone ? Thanks!!
  2. Hello everyone , I'm back. Okay first of all this will be a very custom server running off 2.4 sources. After getting the sources fixed now I'm going to start working on a new server, with new features new gameplay enhanced graphics and more. But I would like the community's ideas and what they would like to see in a new server with the possibilities to expand and change gameplay significantly. I'm hoping to start a basic aplha version between early - mid June. What's everyone's thoughts ideas and what they would like to see in TOP that unfortunately we haven't seen, or been able To-do correctly? This project will go in phases atleast aplha and beta stages. I plan on making bi-weeky - monthly updates after the server starts and I get more feedback on what everyone wants. I would appreciate any and all ideas , balance ideas , new items or classes, maps , raids and maybe instances. Ways and ideas to expand the guild system to make it actually useful which I'm currently working on also. Gameplay changes (if possible) I have been working on this project for awhile, and would love some insight of what people wants to see in a new server without a bunch of limitations like before. Thanks everyone and I look forward to finding some interesting things to add to the game !
  3. Xeon


    Yes I dont see why dimitrov is releasing abunch of my work/tools?
  4. @7aSheS I warned you once, next time im going to block your posting privileges.
  5. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016 Express is a powerful and reliable free data management system that delivers a rich and reliable data store for lightweight Web Sites and desktop applications. Download from official Microsoft website SQL Server 2016, has finally been officially released!
  6. The use of IsPlayer, was not meant for this @7n6It was only meant for not getting monsters & npcs into the list, fyi this was just a quick draft of a script, nothing more before. Before criticizing why not try to help I was refering to his question nothing more, and if an "admin" is tricked when giving items to a player, when they are the one executing the command in the first place isnt likely. He was only asking about a parameter error nothing more.
  7. GiveItem has 5 parameters to be exact GiveItem(role, 0, itemid, quantity, quality) function GiveItem2Player(characterName, id, quantity, quality) local role = PlayerRole[characterName] GiveItem(role, 0, id, quantity, quality); end Further more you need to add a couple lines in cha_timer to save the role Above function cha_timer(role,freq,time) add PlayerRole = { } if(IsPlayer(role) == 1) then PlayerRole[GetChaDefaultName(role)] = role; end This is only one of many simple ways to go about this.
  8. Xeon

    Database Backup Tool 1.0

    @Yudha Source code available here : http://pkodev.net/index.php?/topic/392-database-backup-tool-10-source-code/ Hope you enjoy!
  9. Hello everyone! I'm releasing the source code to my Database Backup Tool as requested by @Yudha! Hope you enjoy & learn! Backup.rar
  10. Xeon

    Database Backup Tool 1.0

    Yes, you didnt configure config.cfg right for SQL Is the problem.. I plan on releasing source to it.
  11. Hello, I have decided to make a database backup tool since i know some people are in need of it. This tool, you have to edit Config.cfg put your SQL Details, in [Database] Section. In the [Backup] Section you will see : BackupHours - You want your database backed up every 4 hours? Set it to 4 Path - Path to your backups, (Directory must be already made) AccountDB - Name of your accountserver database GameDB - Name of your GameDB TradeDB - Name of your TradeDB Hope you guys like it! Note : Application must stay running Xeon Backup.rar
  12. I am releasing my tools, since "somebody" seems to have them.
  13. Constantly, checks if there are "GM Accounts" in database that shouldnt be GM. source code- Visual Studio 2015 GMControlApp.rar
  14. Xeon

    LuaSQL (DLL)

    @Wrexor asked me to release this, since somehow it seems like somebody got there hands on it, so it cant be sold. First off you need to compile this DLL in Visual Studio 2015, Download CFF Explorer Suite, Open your gameserver in CFF Explorer. Goto import adder Click "Modules -> Add" Locate the .dll Under exported functions click on "?ExportedFunction@@Y" , Click import by name. uncheck "Rebuild with OFTs" Click "Rebuild import table" Then save file. .DLL / Source code credits to @Wrexor LuaSql.rar
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