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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Im selling my clean base files 1.36 and 2.4 What will you get: 1) Clean Files 1.36 or 2.4 2) Patches 3) Clean Database 4) Clean Client 5) Server Configuration (if you needed) (SQL,Database,Server) 2.4 Album: http://s715.photobucket.com/user/Sephiroth_012/library/PKO II For more information PM me or add skype. skype: alendryrey
  2. I have made a copy of Eternal Pirates from Rage of Sage Files Base Files (For people who like the server features) Clean and Backdoor free guaranteed 95% Copied Systems Organized Scripts to let new developers understand the systems and functions of the scripts (example: Comments) Organized Files (Removed unnecessary scripts/folders/files) Anti Dupe installed Dimension 125 Skills System included Log System (Contains logs of Item used, player imprisonment, duper, cheater and etc.) For more info you can pm me here on the forum [Admin/Staff if you see that this is illegal just please remove my post as i am not intended to do something wrong] PS: I didn't hack the files i made it from Rage of Sage files
  3. Hi there, I'm selling original mermania server files. Price: 100$ via paypal only. You can pm me via forum if you're interested.
  4. Hello there! Now in sale custom top1 files (Dimension pirates online) with like 85% of top2 features (+ dimension helm with leveling system + cloaks + upgrade able rear pets and all custom features ) + New ripped website (mu web with custom features) and of course customized databases!. good files for "base server" use can be run 1+ week w/ou restarts or bugs.. 100 usd per copy and customer customized databases! Contact me at facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lari.mahonen
  5. Any One Interested In Buy EGpko My [v2] Server Files? If You Are Message Me
  6. Interested pm me. With firewall now And Database monstee /itens Crystal exchanger page, igs admin... If wanna see visit http://lira.piratearch.com
  7. Selling My Custom Aries Pirates Website Features: News Server Info Rules Registration My Account Change Pass Change Name Donation Page Vote for Credits Rep Exchange View Characters Map Timing Ranking Newbie Guide Item Mall Award Center Auction Mall Auction Credit Spin The Wheel Points (Spinning The Wheel for IMPS and chance to get a random item) Spin The Wheel Credits (Spinning The Wheel for CREDITS and chance to get a random item) VIP (Stars on your account if you are vip member ) VIP Store ( A store which can be access by VIP Accounts ONLY! ) (Items for VIP Stars only NO DISCOUNT) VIP Item Mall Discount ( 1 star = 2-3% Discount depends on what you put ) GM Account Panel GM Restricted IP Firewall Free Forum Installation Running a Custom Database for this Web IF You're Interested Just Message me here. IF you need more information. just message me. IF You want to purchase a Clean Template(Base Template) Contact Paicat or nephthjes More Information with Pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/lfrx4
  8. Hi everyone, iv'e been working in Flyff website around 1 year more, but not all the time i had to take care of school first Soo i have ripped and reworked pages and add new pages on Flyff website and i planned to use it for my server but i didnt open my server in public yet so i decided to try and sell it so who is interested on buy the Flyff Website contact me here or at Skype: [email protected] About how website looks there's some images on this rar: Flyff - Sky Under Website Images.rar Sorry if i posted this on wrong Section .-.
  9. Selling ripped temp (Mu online) or any other site with any custom php scripts (crystals,vip,panel,vip shop and so on) ~Up!~ Base 1. Prices are 80 usd for website + phpbb forum + monster database as it is. Support + new databases 2. 100 USD with custom databases and support + mall/ crystal/vip/forum/monster database/credit/crystals/auto paypal/ and so on.. how ever you want then (in this case you can't get it on already opened server) custom database mean accountserver, gameserver and website db at it own... Also its possible to do this on normal gameserver and account server you have but in that case i need remote desktop or teamviewer connection to od edits it need. Custom website as you like 3. Ripping new site it's basically 50 USD + custom database offer (100) or the 80 usd functions.. if you want on the new site anything extra that we can deal with it with an extra cost. So total is 130 USD+ remember for website ripping that will be the only site i sell. so NOTE: This mean I will not resell the same page again! (only in case you starting to selling it in that case I will release it with basic functions) monster db site mall page If you are interested pm me in facebook https://www.facebook.com/lari.mahonen
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