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  1. i got error when i put the 226 = state_costume1 in variable.lua
  2. Link is Dead, Re-Upload Please @GOAT
  3. Someone can help me please? I Have a Ring in both. But can't get Married. Help me Please
  4. Can Someone help me? how to add Character Requirement in Equip or Weapon? Thanks
  5. how to creat a script? Im Newbie, and i've tried only can't extract work I use this if ItemID_mainitem == 825 or ItemID_mainitem == 826 or ItemID_mainitem == 827 then SystemNotice( role ,"Cannot plier starter set!") return 0 end can help me?
  6. @V3ct0r Where i can put this code?
  7. Hello! Can someone help me? How to make set Can't Forge, Socket, Fuse, Upg? Thanks who can help me
  8. Hello! I need help. How to Decompile sceneobjinfo.bin? I can't decompile with gemini 2.5. Can someone help me?
  9. I've tried it, and get the same error
  10. Sorry im bad in english. i put function CheckItemIsForged(item) return (GetItemForgeParam(item, 0) > 0) end function NoForge(role) -- Checking Look for i = 0, enumEQUIP_RHAND + 1, 1 do local item = GetChaItem(role, 1, i) if (item ~= 0 and item ~= nil) then if (CheckItemIsForged(item) == 1) then return 0 end end end -- Checking Inventory local kbsize = GetKbCap(role) for i = 0, kbsize - 1, 1 do local item = GetChaItem(role, 2, i) if (item ~= 0 and item ~= nil) then if (CheckItemIsForged(item) == 1) then return 0 end end end return 1 end at the end function.lua. And i put function check_can_enter_glacierpk(role, copy_mgr) if (NoForge(role) == 0) then SystemNotice(role, "You have forged items! You can't enter the map!") return 0 end return 1 end in entry.lua
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