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Found 5 results

  1. StringSet.bin Decrypter/Decompiler Credits to @kLabMouse With this program you can get source StringSet.txt from encrypted StringSet.bin like: eab5942ea5fbe22f189952372faa5ed6a00ef86f8713a94e ef3f6c3b3cd136a2bfe10a08ed3277010624222f4083cf6b8e0ebd773d75bc 2ea1f9db1a01425d2786d181110b894f45bdab3d7808720a 7280ea3aef6cea6fdd1632ec36d8dd06c4db79d5a82bd4cfb4c7861b12d222f2 c3f7bc1b0730d7eb85f18fc9644ee296a020e7de4703cef3d1775955196f3d47 61a79b9c6d3bdeba7f10a32a97b50936a9c10e53f253d59bc7b2fecc891dd56e 956122fc98e698c4e391ec33ff7be26308c5f1de3738821cf1223f1b208d69f1 a90622784bc514f2f3ebcde460308b94f7086b841e02b024 7d3ee1937edfe0496f8b08b2ff16194e ec474716e0b25fb3aac867316ff058290025a1e3e7be611b 809d96625b99eb169ad4b5c3802eb6f343e7e640ab6476ee 9a2280dd29e9a48cba93cc8178f71e5da6df7716dad12ee129971f8de33dc592 d4ae9e10504baf6b611165e5f72aadbba47ba7af51b78e086db97730bb636409 a838184c7698234a4dc5f305dd46fbe27cbc197663b58997d276d472cfbb77d2 825cfa79a9b6211772abf35482cd0e4ae4b1a8d0048b4d5390fba50c44d1b78c ...... How to use: 1) Put StringSet.bin in folder with the program; 2) Run the program; 3) StringSet.txt will appear in same folder. Download: StringSet_Decrypt.exe
  2. guess all using gemini but never had the source of it. so i did decompiled it may be useful for someone project written in net c# i used vs 2022 link here
  3. hi, i am having a trouble with decompiling some bin folder from the scripts folder ( client side) . first i have tried the normal decompiler v2.3 but i can not decmpoile the bine files. i ran into Deguix decompiler but unfortunately i dont know how to use it. kindly looking for help regarding decompiling the bin files. heres one of the bin files i am trying to decompile. also kindly guide me on which the decompiler version i should choose and thanks in advance characterinfo.bin
  4. whenever i am trying to decompile a bin file it gives me this message. the bin file that i am trying to decompile is in the attachment https://mega.nz/#!AMg2lCzJ!6XynACz51N7FAawv5mM2YNi84Pzu5_0CK8ZIJWpJ1II
  5. Read Instructons Below Gemini.Decompiler-2.3.rar Instructions: 1st Step Download The Gemini.Decompiler-2.3.rar 2nd Step Extract the File Somewhere 3rd Step Open The File Folder 4th Step Look For Gemini.Decompiler and Open it 5th Step Choose the Destination of the File (file.bin) - (Example: iteminfo.bin) you wanted to Decompile. 6th Step Now You have chosen the file you wanted to Decompile. Just Press Decompile and it will Decompile and give you iteminfo.txt Open iteminfo.txt and see.. Goodluck and Have Fun! Click Like if its useful
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