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exceptional line error on Gateserver

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tried to setup the roso files from archives, the server itself loads up with no errors


Tried connecting with the clean client from the archives and I get the error   Exceptional line error on Gameserver    when loging in.

-Tried connecting with a clean 2.4 client and same error.

-Tried using Roso215 from the archives, with the same error, tryin both clients.

-Tried running Roso 2.5 fixed, with the same error, trying both clients.


-tried downloading and changing and using the client from Roso's website. tried using IP changer for the ip, but failed to change anything. decompiled,edited, then compiled serverset.bin and wont show realm list when trying to connect.


-tried replacing  Gameserver.exe with a clean one from the 1.36 server files in archive


anyone else run into this problem? had it running "right out of the box"  a while back, not sure why a fresh copy from the archives is bugging now. can someone give me a hand?

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