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Found 2 results

  1. Reopening 17:00 Server Time - Sunday October 3rd! (TODAY) > Hello everyone our server will be back today at 17:00 Server Time - Sunday October 3rd! - The server will open with a new version and new accounts need to be created if you haven't registered yet. - New client available for download. - Forum available with all complete guides. OBS: Old players received their rewards after 5 to 7 days that the server is online, in this period the GMs will be busy managing the start of the server with bug fixes found and other problems that may come. - The Item Mall will reopen within the same period of 5-7 days depending on the players' performance on the server (at the farm level). - - - - - - - - - - > Olá a todos o nosso servidor voltará hoje as 17:00 Horário do Servidor - Domingo dia 03 de Outubro! - O servidor abrirá com uma nova versão e é preciso ser criada novas contas, caso você ainda não tenha se registrado. - Novo cliente disponível para download. - Forum disponível com todos os guias completos. OBS: Jogadores antigos receberam suas recompensas depois de 5 a 7 dias que o servidor estiver online, nesse periodo os GMs estarão ocupados administrando o inicio do servidor com correções de bugs encontrados entre outros problemas que podem vim. - O Item Mall será reaberto nesse mesmo prazo de 5 a 7 dias dependendo do desempenho dos jogadores no servidor (no nivel de farm). REGISTER FORUM GUIDES DOWNLOADS DISCORD SERVER -> SERVER RATES: PRIVATE SERVER 24/7 INSTA LEVEL 100 DROP RATE 3X MAX PET LEVEL 52 PET GROWTH 400X NEW SYSTEMS BALANCED classes MEDIUM FARM GEMS LEVEL LIMIT 4 GUILD LIMIT 25 MEMBERS SERVER MAPS: CHAOS ARGENT ARENA ISLAND DEMONIC WORLD 1-2 FORGE: GEMS LEVEL LIMIT: 4
  2. ~ Stars Pirates Online ~ Discord Channel Website (Under Construction) Instagram About Stars Pirates Online: Dear players, Stars Pirates Online is an international server based on medium/hard gameplay. The team works to create a stable, long-term server that can bring the nostalgic feeling, but at the same time, make available to all players new features and improvements that will make the server even better... The server is under construction, but BETA TEST is scheduled to open on October 8th. All details and information about building the server will be posted on our Discord Channel. So, stay tuned for all the news and invite your friends to participate in this new fun. Server Rates: Max Level: 100 Solo EXP: 7x Party EXP: 12x Ship EXP: 7x Drop Rate: 5x Fairy EXP: Lv1-50 = 100x | Lv51-75 = 10x Server Equipments: Unseals Lv45/55/65 in NPC Unseals Lv75 exchange for Kal Runestone in NPC Unseals Lv85 donation or random chest upon reaching level 100. Kylin Set BD Set Server Gems: Gem caped level: 6 Normal Gem Broken, Chipped, Cracked Gem Unique Gem BD Gem Gr8 Gem Azraels Gem Advanced Gem Server Features: Guild will be caped to 10 players IP & MAC detecting will be implement in portals and mazes All Tickets removed, only ticket to argent works Maximum gold in inventory is 1.5 Billions Fairy level: 51 (Normal fruit) and 75 (Improved fruit) Balanced Class: All original skills were retained with minor tweaks on stats and skill output to ensure that all classes are balance to ensure our players getting the best PK experience. Maps: Argent City, Fantasy Town, Icicle Castle. Shaitan City (removed). Forsaken City, Dark Swamp, Demonic World. Chaos Argent, Arena Island, Chaos Dream, Chaos Icicle.
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