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  1. I need someone to work for us, someone with time to do the job now !! Configuration of automatic page for payment, and possibility to send the item from the game to the website and website to the game. PS : i need to job for the same day, so please come direct to start, we will talk you gonna tell us your price and we close a deal.
  2. Hello, i need someone to help us to develop our website to an automatic system of IMPS and IGS, the player who buy need to receive the imps direct, same system for IGS when the player buy the Igs in the website he receive the IGS direct in his account. also i need an trade system, the player can exchange his IGS from the game to the website, and website to the game, same for credits. come to talk with me, i need this soon as possible !! PS : We already have the website from Vector so we will not buy a new one !
  3. I`m looking for files of website with SQL.
  4. Error !! IM006[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed ___________________________________________________________________ this is the error i`m having, i need someone to help me now !! I`ll pay for the service adn to teach how to fix it !! Please if you know about contact us !!
  5. Creat new Item, i have the item here from another game, i need to creat this item for our game.
  6. Hello, i'm looking for someone who knwo how to creat items, if you're this person come to talk, also you'll need to use transferwise to receive the payments, i'll be waiting
  7. Hello ! i`m looking for someone who know how to creat a item and launcher. you can find me on discord : TheXHunter#9435
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