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Hello community of pkoDev! I have come today today in order sell services and files. Lets get straight to the point.


Scripting Services

I offer a very limited variety of scripting services, let me make it clear, "service". I will not join a team to open a server. Here is a small list of things I can do, please do take note it's only Lua.

  • Modify existing functions/system in order to make it easier for your use; that includes being able to add, modify and remove things easier than adding a new function per thing as it's currently on many functions by default.
  • Create scripts for maps, can be simple or complex, depends on how hard it's for me to actually create it. It can be instanced or not.
  • Create custom quests for killing monsters and players within certain maps and being certain class.
    • In case you don't know how to use my guide.
  • Fix general errors or make small things for you.


Price may vary depending on what you want.


Server Files

I'm selling my custom server files, I have written a basic PDF file (which I can't upload here) which contains almost everything visible/noticeable by player.


Link: MediaFire (PDF) since I can't upload PDF files here.


Back-end functions or missing features in PDF file:

  • Unseal equipment modified and done all the up to level 295.
  • Leveling can go up to 300 without severe jumps.
  • Created an offering system that gathers data from nearby players and then summons a monster on an average level multiplied by a factor (70, 90, 100 or 110 percent) to test their skill. It then gives a reward too all players (killer, summoner and other) who participated.
  • "Rush" map/instance can be switch onto a more balanced player-versus-player map by just adjusting 1 variable so all classes can player equally.
  • Abaddon and Sacred War scripts have been rewritten for more clarification and easier use.
  • A new teleport function has been made and therefor all teleport scripts have been remade for easier modification.
  • Newbie Chest has been remade and placed under a single script.


There are a bunch of remade functions and newly created ones by me which I may have forgotten.



  • Server version is 1.X or 2.X, whichever you like.
  • Include things are files (with the mentioned above) and patch for client.
  • Limits are 20K (for ItemInfo and CharacterInfo) and 125 (StoneInfo and MapInfo).


Price: $150 USD via PayPal, negotiable.


Completed Things:

  • A reworked version (scripted from scratch) of Infernal Abyss which is easier to modify, adjust and customize. This includes the ability to add/remove normal and boss rounds easy and ability to add items rewards to any round. Added the a few more customization requirements for entry as well.
  • A reworked version of "Chaos Argent" as stated in my server files.
  • Make double effect gems, an example being this here.



  • Discord: Angelix#2836
  • PM through pkoDev.
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Bump. Main post updated.


I now know how to add a secondary effect to gems, such as this:


No gem equipment.

No Effect.PNG


Equipment with level 3 Gem of Rage.



Great if you want to add a better gem with a drawback, only issue is that it may cause an error on players if you're using high negative values.

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Updated first post.


Few things added into server files:

  • Guild system.
  • Player ranking.
  • "Rush" ranking.
  • Survival map.
  • Admiral Cloak.

All systems can be easily modifiable from variable.lua, no need to edit main script codes wanting to change something like the ratio from guild donations (it will get updated on NPC as well).


Few images of those things.

Global Ranking, monthly.



Guild Manager.



"Rush" Ranking.






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Automated "Question and Answer" Event.

This is only for those user with HandleChat on their GameServer.






  • It can be enabled/disabled by just adjusting a variable.
  • It can be set to disabled automatically after the event finishes.
  • The amount of rounds can be adjusted.
  • You set different amount of questions and system will randomly choose one with the answer you have set.
  • A reward is given randomly from all the rewards you have set in variables.
  • The amount of second(s) in between each round can be changed.
  • A limit can be placed on players to be able to only win a certain amount of times.
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Files have been ported to v1.3X and are fully working. So those of you that may want to buy can now use your custom GameServer.exe or buy it from other members of pkoDev if you want more security.


Ranking has been modified to automatically reset each day, week and month, while yearly ranking was removed.




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Updated main thread. Still selling services and new map.



Capture The Flag (team map):

  • Full customization of the map:
    • Size of teams.
    • Rewards.
    • Kill messages.
    • Opening times (interval, portal open, map closing) are setup like any other map (example being Chaos Argent).
  • Portal is closed when there is enough players to fill both teams.
  • Teams are assigned randomly.
  • Killing a player instantly revives them at their respective base.
  • To win a match you must obtain points, which can be set to be received by (can be zero if not wanted):
    • Getting the flag.
    • Killing a player.
    • Taking the flag from enemy team.
    • Getting killed.
    • By taking the flag and placing it on enemy base.
  • System will show:
    • Where flag spawns.
    • Who has the flag every X seconds.
    • Scores of both teams every X seconds.
    • Who kills who (with customized messages).
  • Flag can be configured to be passed onto the player that killed current holder or reset back to shrub.
  • Map can be configured to be standard or modified damage.
    • With modified damage all skills do same damage.
    • Skills can be classified as melee, primary or secondary skill.
    • You can set which skill fall under what category.
    • You can set how much damage (in percentage of enemy max health) does.
    • Modified damage can be toggled by just changing one variable.

Quick video. Any more information can be detailed through PM or discord.



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