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  1. извини я думаю что-то не так с моим компьютером
  2. привет - фотографии удалены - Можете ли вы загрузить фотографии снова
  3. kannas

    Fusion Equipment Attr (Increasing App limit)

    Can you tell the solution in detail. I have that same problem
  4. @KONG pls help me?
  5. yes I've seen this topic!, I've completely edited my own file % 80 turkish language , now it will be hard to edit from the start and I can not afford it
  6. first of all I apologize for my bad english! 1,35 gameserver.exe %100 work! - No Problem! 1,36 gameserver.exe fail!!! it only gives error when I change other exe
  7. please trade berthlist failed fix!!! help me!! my Gameserver exe : 1,36 Is there a way to solve??
  8. kannas


    very tnx bro. I need the whole swing system. client and server files do you have?
  9. kannas


    all links r dead pls again upload
  10. i buy offline stall system @V3ct0r

  11. kannas

    Anti-Dupe problem

    pls help me !!!!
  12. kannas

    Saeed's work

    pls help me !!!
  13. kannas

    Change Safety Password in In-Game Shop

    very thanks broo you best friends
  14. kannas

    Change Safety Password in In-Game Shop

    @Ximboliex bro pls all config files , problem : red config file failt
  15. kannas

    Change Safety Password in In-Game Shop

    @Ximboliex very very very tnxxx bro