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  1. DreamSea Online

    Any discord server?
  2. You need to add an item use function to the item and have it output a refining gem. I would suggest you to dig into the server files for items with a similar behavior and try to implement it yourself, it's mostly copy and paste
  3. Unique Pirates Online

    I use facebook on extremely rare occasions and I don't add people I don't know in real life, if you want you can PM me your discord tag and i'll add you there
  4. Battle Sea Online

    Your discord link doesn't work, i would suggest creating a "permanent invite" one and editing the one on the main thread.
  5. Unique Pirates Online

    I am not, let me know if you get a discord
  6. Unique Pirates Online

    Do you have a discord server?
  7. MaPko Reborn

    Any detail about how Magical classes are tuned to be competitive?
  8. Top Chaos Online! - New Fresh

    Any balance for magic classes?
  9. Why did serverdev close

    You can use to see in the past for (almost) any website. I picked a random date in 2011 as an example : So even if the official archive is gone , you'll be able to use this.
  10. I am not a complete beginnier , i'm not completely unaware how programming works. However as the most here know there is an impossibly large chasm between a rough understanding and a level of understanding which enables to actually do things. So my question isn't only about "what languages should i learn". I know it's C++ / Lua / SQL / HTML / PHP , maybe python for ancillary tool creation. My question is in the specific : in what parts of those languages i should focus on? My main issue with programming has been mainly one : i'm bored by the the basics but overwhelmed by the complexity after those basics. Any suggestion/learning resource is welcome , thank you for you time.
  11. I am searching without any sucess the part where the multiplier given by the level diffence between the character and the mob is calculated. I pretty much scoured the whole exp_and_level.lua but likely missed it, any help would be apreciated. Note : not development related , but i'm making an excell sheet which would calculate how many mobs does it take to reach a particular level , and i would keep track of the level difference. Thanks in advance.
  12. Setting Game.exe CPU affinity from start.bat

    Yes , it works as intented. The only thing you have to be careful about is that if you close clients , the order continues to be the same, it doesn't fill the "hole". So if you have 4 open on 0 1 2 3 , close the last two 2 3 , and open two more , they will be on 0 1 as the first two. However it works really well. Note : if you want to use it too , check how many cores your CPU has , and edit the "4" to be your number.
  13. Setting Game.exe CPU affinity from start.bat

    Thanks , however in my preliminary search I had arleadly found that method and didn't find it satisfactory. The main problem is that it would require a different shortcut for every affinity i wanted , so four shortcuts in my case (unless i misunderstood something), i would like one single start.bat that automatically determined which Core has the least number of game.exes running on it and it executed the new game.exe with that particular affinity. I hope i'm being clear enough , if i need to rephrase just ask
  14. Random quest

    I would suggest looking at "A [Class]'s Life" quests. (A Swordsman'sLiife from Peter , A Herbalist's Life from Gannon , and so on. Every class-quest bearing NPC has it) Instead of making 5 different quests and setting them to come up randomly , just make one quest with randomized goals.
  15. I am wondering if it is possible to edit the start.bat in such a way that every new Game.exe client opened is automatically set to have an affinity with the least busy CPU core. I realized while playing with many clients open that while the game lagged considerably with both CPU and RAM being under 50% usage , on further investigation i realized that one single core (the 0th) was doing all the work , processing for all the eleven clients i opened. Now , the fix was fairly trivial , going on task manager and setting the affinity for every game.exe to a different CPU core. Once i did so the lag completely disappeared. Doing so manually is a bit of a chore , and more importantly i often forget to do so. Is there a way to set the start.bat to recognize the affinities of the other game.exes and automatically setting the new process affine to the Core that has the least number of processes affine to it? Thank you in advance. And example : I have a 4 core CPU , 1st game, exe would be affine to CPU 0 , 2nd to CPU 1 , 3rd to CPU 2 , 4rth to CPU 3 , and then start repeating.