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  1. hi Broth I have an error with the NPC that shows me the information of the bosses. I added 3 new bosses and they give me the following error. Add start.lua and bossinfo.lua. but they don't work for me
  2. hey broth: why the page gives me that error

    error web site.png

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    2. eatsangels


      install the drivers and as you want it keeps giving me an error. PHP 7.4.26

    3. V3ct0r


      @eatsangels, call phpinfo() and check that sqlsrv and sqlite PDO drivers are installed.

    4. eatsangels
  3. A query, because it only works for me on the main map, but on pk maps it doesn't work for the Master Teleport skill
  4. Okay, thank you very much. I have a currency created that is the one with which it is marketed. I will use that method.
  5. But I want to do it with the Mac. Even the server has something similar but it doesn't work for me and I don't understand why.
  6. Alright. But I think not everyone has the same ability as you-
  7. I try to do it with those methods and none of them worked for me.
  8. Do you know how I can limit my players from entering my server by blocking the mac
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