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i need fairy model

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Hi, I'm redoing the game in unity because I'm a fan of the game and the current servers are very limited. 

Well the thing is, I would like to put all the original fairies , but modeling them all would be very slow, and I want to spend time creating new things too, some I have, some I didn't find, if you have, please tell me.


Here are some images of the fairies that follow and some of how the game is going in unity =).

Yes the game is multiplayer, i use tcp currently e nao udp.


oi, eu estou refazendo o jogo do tales of piates, eu gosto muito do jogo mas os servidores que estao disponiveis tem uma serie de limitaçoes por este motivo resolvi fazer um jogo igual na unity, estou com preguiça de modelar todos as fadas existentes e ainda criar novas, entao gostaria de saber se alguem tem os modelos, nao precisa estar 100% eu dou o acabamento =).

aqui estao algumas fotos das fadas que ja tenho e umpouco do jogo.

Sim ele é multi player atualmente usando tcp e nao udp.







I do not have all the models that appear in this last photo these are just the corresponding items.










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i need a model in .fbx, .obj or other 3d  format.

eu preciso do modelo 3d no formato fbx ou obj de preferencia. mas isso é apenas pra adiantar meu trabalho e colocar as fadas originais todas.  



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10 hours ago, BlackBarba said:

basta convertê-los com webconvert do cliente.

Voce ta usando o uMMORPG?


I do not use uMMORPG, What would that be? any asset? webconvert?

I only know the pkomodelviewer.

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34 minutes ago, BlackBarba said:


yes I researched later, and saw that it is a hand on the wheel, but prefer to create my own code because I have full control over all points of the code, but still a very interesting option, I was tempted to read your code and compare. =).

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On 8/15/2020 at 3:16 AM, GM Reick said:

Hello brother, how can I communicate with you, I need you to do a job for me

sry for late reply, you can contact me in discord Richenberg#0139

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