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  1. https://mega.nz/folder/OUMUgTYb#jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g/folder/bNEwAYjL
  2. Hi all, just letting you know that if you add as email address a hotmail or outlook account, the confirmation email never sends. I tried change my email address to my current one and never received an email (not in spam either) since yesterday. I had to add google email to get back access to my account. Maybe it is something to check/fix if possible?
  3. Good morning, all, sorry if this is not the correct forum to post this topic. I want to try to play in the Russian server mordo.ru, but I have a problem with the client. All letters that are not hardcoded to image, or are not English letters, show as Greek letters. I don't use Windows a lot, and I don't know how to make it use the correct Russian characters instead of displaying non-sense with Greek letters. Here is what I mean: I installed Russian on my keyboard, but it didn't help. Anyone who knows about localisation in Windows could help? (I cannot remove Greek locale, but I should be able to display other UTF8 characters that are not English or Greek, normally?) Thank you in advance and sorry for my English. Also sorry for posting here, I cannot post to their forum cause I only know very little Russian, not enough to make a topic.
  4. Hi all, I have been trying out Visual Studio and, as a simple first project, I made a GUI launcher to go with V3ctor's 1.38 files with this dir structure: This is the result: It a very simple project, but if someone wants it, it's here https://mega.nz/#!CAdHTY5I!iCjxZ0xU5khsmjsPbvXt3o-FCUFKqTaRQFsIePXombQ (also can put vb and visual studio files on github)
  5. Hello everyone, I have some free time and so much nostalgia for TOP! Anyone can suggest an active, mostly vanilla server to play a bit? (prefer english speaking, but if servr is good I don't mind). Also anyone want to play together, top is boring if u alone :)
  6. Hi, you mean example if they are forged in boots to make them forge in gloves? This is done in "resource\script\calculate\variable.lua" file. You find the "StoneItemType" table and you change the values you want. The StoneItemType[xx] index of your gem you find it in "resource\stoneinfo.txt" and the values are: 1 = 1 handed sword 2 = 2 handed sword 3 = Bow 4 = Firegun 7 = Daggers 9 = Staff 11 = Shield 20 = Cap 22 = Armor 23 = Gloves 24 = Boots 27 = Tattoo So for example if you want to make Eye of Black Dragon forgeable in gloves and boots, you find in StoneInfo.txt that Eye of Black Dragon = 13 and then you change StoneItemType[13] in variable.lua to StoneItemType[13] = { 23,24,0 }
  7. Press ALT+P, type the message (it is typed on the lower part with white letters, not easy to see), press enter
  8. As two people have asked this, maybe this help the guide to be more complete: If you have custom quests in your server, and you don't register this quest on the client, you usually see the "Unknown quest" in an "Invalid type" section within the quest log: If you use the tweak described above, in some server files this might also reveal the Mission ID and see this as "Unknown Quest name ID [140]". This can be avoided easily though by adding the quest name to the client: Tales of Pirates Online\scripts\lua\mission\missioninfo.lua Add the quest name and type (1, normal, 2, story quest): -- AddMisData( <QUEST ID> , <QUEST NAME>, <QUEST TYPE 1 or 2>) AddMisData( 140 , "Revenge of the shrubs ", 1) And this should solve the problem
  9. Hello, GTspeed, what exactly problem you have? To make a patch for the client, you must create a folder with structure like this: [PATCH DIRECTORY] -- [map] -- mymap1.map -- mymap1.obj -- [scripts] -- [table] -- iteminfo.bin -- StringSet.bin -- [texture] -- [minimap] -- [mymap1] -- mymap1.pk so basically an folder structure exactly like your client structure. Then in your patch directory you copy the files you have changed in your client to the place it should be ^^ expl., above would be a patch with a new map <mymap1> and a different iteninfo and stringset Is this what you were asking?
  10. Server region is like "Dream Island" and server name is like "Rainbow island". You can put anything random there, it doesn't have to do with site. The "IP Changer" program will edit the serverset.bit file for you, so you don't need to manually do it
  11. I don't know guides as you don't say a specific problem. You say your server files all work, can you connect the client to your server and play on your computer? To let people play in your server, you need serverset.bin (Tales of Pirates Client\scripts\table\serverset.bin) to point to correct IP. You can change the IP with IP changer tool I linked above and then copy serverset.bin into your patch directory PATCH DIRECTORY > scripts > table > serverset.bin Then any file you change, for example adding new items with iteminfo.txt in your server, you copy iteminfo.txt from your server to CLEINT > scripts > table > iteminfo.txt and compile the file to a bin file https://pkodev.net/index.php?/topic/26-client-txt-tables-compiling/ Every file you change you copy it then to your Patch directory Then you can either make it all a zip file and send it to your users, or upload it to your website, so that htey can download and extract it, or use any autopatcher. Example this one: https://pkodev.net/index.php?/topic/1322-auto-updater-program, or any other patcher you have found should also have instructions if you still have problems please say the exact problem you have, what you did, what is the error, etc, as well s what server files you are using, what patcher/updater you are using, etc
  12. Anyone? Any hint on where to start looking will be very helpful. I don't know if to look the game.exe, or the gameserver.exe or the files, thanks in advance
  13. Hello, the first thing you need to do is to change your client IP to point to your server: Then for the patch create a similar directory structure as the client with the files that you have changed (ex if you changed iteminfo.bin create a directory tree MYPATCH > scripts > table > iteminfo.bin and either do it a zip/rar file that players can extract in their game folder or use the instruction in the autoupdater you found
  14. Hello Satan, sorry I don't know the answer, but I tried the loop with small variation in one of my maps and could not reproduce this error, it worked correct. So maybe some other part of code triggers this error?
  15. Hello everyone, was wondering if it is possible to change the colour of the name in common items (not ekipment). For example, for recovery type items, example HP or SP recovery is it possible to make it sothat they have different color than other common items? If it possible, should that be a client-side modification? Also, was wondering about the items types in ItemType.txt . It is a bit messy as it is, with chests, manu items, ami gloves, cook items, etc, all same type (31 - recovery items). If I separate items for their item type, does it affect anything else in the game? Sorry for my english, and thanks in advance for answers
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