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Kraken Online

Kraken Online (New update!)

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We have a new big update "Mounts Leveling System and Hexathlon" for you!
Technical work will begin at 21:00 03/04/2020 and last 30-45 min! 
What will be new?

1. Raised Fairy growth rate (x8) until 10 April 💯
We also decided to extend Solo EXP rates (x5), Team EXP rates (x8) until April 5 due to the large number of newcomers!
2. Added Hexatlon quest as an alternative way to level up 
3.  Mounts Leveling System (Improve your pet and get additional features and a new look) 
4. New features added according to your suggestions:
  - Soup Spoon Apparel with Blue and Green glow
  - Increased energy in unique corals and added batteries to the Kraken Coin exchanger 
  - Add Mystic Clover to the Item Mall and Kraken Coin exchanger 
  - After opening the Jade Gem Chest and Chaos Chest, the system will say what you got from there
  - 2nd Slot Plier and 3rd Slot Plier will be added to the Item Mall
  - Unique Mount Voucher (allows you to tame any animal) will be added to the Item Mall 
  - Fixed error with displaying 30+ players in SW

5. Reworked Legendary Chests with real rare items will be added to the Item Mall (Removed all pots/cook/amps and left only rare items)

6. Discounts on the Item Mall for everything for your fairy!   
7. New interview with Nekko!  
8. I remind you that each newcomer will be able to get a Newbie chest from the administration, PM @Kraken or @Captain Barbarossa  in discord.
Also u can participate in the new #🎁giveaway event! 

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