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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to Kraken Online! For you, we have prepared a great opportunity to enjoy the game on our server, explore all the dungeons and maps, defeat the strongest bosses with your friends! Server Links: Official website Server Description Discord Downloads Official forum Game guides Main Information Server time: GMT + 00:00 Server location: Worldwide Server language: English Server Type: Medium Concept: Easy PK Server Rates Maximum level: 70 [soft cap] - 75 [hard cap] Max Pet Lv: 50 Solo-exp: 3x Party-exp: 5x Drop-rate: 3x Fairy-growth: 5x Ship exp: 10x Resources drop: 3x Fortune Island Approximate Roadmap Classes and Races Features You can play as any race and any class and change it during the game with the help of special items! Each class has been balanced for the current stage of the game and for future ones, including equipment and skills! Gems • New gem type - Sharded Gem (+1 Stat). This gem can be obtained by killing monsters in Forsaken City, Dark Swamp, Demonic World. To get +2, +3 or +4 stat gems, you will need to exchange your +1 gems for a special gem voucher 5 Sharded gems = 1 Broken gem 10 Sharded gems = 1 Cracked gem 20 Sharded gems = 1 Chipped gem • BD gem drop gradation (lower drop rate than others BD gems for Soul of Black Dragon and Heart of Black Dragon) • Removed the ability to forge Soul of Black Dragon in shields Equipment Dungeons and maps 1) Forsaken City , Dark Swamp , Demonic World - high lvl dungeons for all players, portal open in Shaitan Fountain 875, 3580 These dungeons open in turn, every 3 hours, and not all together as it was before! The 2nd floor of each of these dungeons becomes PVE after killing the main bosses, in order to give players the opportunity to farm and strengthen their character. We made changes and made these dungeons equal in difficulty, the strength of bosses and monsters, and also balanced them in terms of loot dropped Thus, dungeons now differ only in map! 2) Chaos Argent (2 times a day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) 3) Snow War (2 times a day on Saturday and Sunday instead of Chaos Argent) 4) World Boss Solo player activities: 1) Capture the flag (CTF) (Balanced PK between teams for rare items) 2) Gold dungeon (New dungeon allowing you to fight and farm gold at the same time) 2) Orange Isle (PVE scoring) More than 10 new PK, farming or leveling dungeons in future updates! How to farm gold? We decided to revise the classic gold farming system in the game. Over the past 15 years it has looked like a very boring monotonous activity (like the mentor and disciple system) and looked terrible. What changes will you see? • We have completely removed gold from the mentor and disciple system, now you get everything you need from the Newbie chest. For each disciple you still receive reputation. • We have removed Mystic Chest and Magic Chest from the game. • We have removed various abusive locations and monsters that allow you to get a lot of gold OUTSIDE dungeons • We have significantly increased the chances of getting gold in dungeons such as Forsaken City, Dark Swamp and Demonic World. • We've made a special Gold Dungeon where you can farm gold. • Reworked Jackpot Machine Thus, the system is configured to visit dungeons to obtain gold. Fight, earn and develop your character. Featured Video: For all questions PM to GM @Kraken or @CaptainBarbarossa in Discord or Support
  2. Roto Games presents MaPKO a TOP/PKO server with tons of unique system features! Newbie Catch-Up Quests, Player Commands, NPC Equipment Exchangers, Global Market System, New Unique Classes, Fast PK Balancing, Daily Events, Monthly Content Updates and more! Max character level 130, Max pet level 200, Unique Reborn-Rebirth System, Unique Prayer, Rune and Hero Systems, Battle Power Rating System. Newbie friendly server with active GMs and staff! Join now and start your MaPKO adventures! Website : https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/ Discord : https://discord.gg/aTtQ6Ye Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/rmapko Website : https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/ Discord : https://discord.gg/aTtQ6Ye Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/rmapko
  3. You can notice shadow from Ami on character creation screen. But there is no Ami: http://s014.radikal.ru/i326/1608/21/3aea9e1b20e4.png
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