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  1. Chat Background

    Found it in scripts->lua->forms->main.clu
  2. Chat Background

    Anyone knows where to change the background color of chat?
  3. Can someone help me about this list

    2. Make sure the textures, scripts, animations, and models are in the proper folder.
  4. Yo quiero saber como puedo crear los como mando del GM y abril el map de dream city sólo eso por ahora plis esperó tu respuesta


    1. MCHund


      soy scripter necesitas ayuda con tu server?


  5. map bug help needed

    You have to generate a new minimap. Try to do it by following this guide.
  6. Copy the whole texture folder from the clean client, and then copy the forms folder inside the scripts -> lua folder from the clean client.
  7. Search for partner !

    Maybe adding more detailed information will help you find a team member.
  8. Serverdev archive

    Yes, seems like Shako stopped hosting the archive so you might want to download and open it in your local system.
  9. Ethereal Sea Online Official Launch

    Good luck with your server.
  10. It's been a while!

    I wish it's that easy.
  11. It's been a while!

    Hey guys, what's going on? It's been a while since I was online. What are you guys up to now? Any projects going on? I was so busy studying(school) to upgrade my career. How about you?
  12. TOP 2 Mobile released

    Please keep the thread in English language so everyone can understand.
  13. Launcher Foxseiz Server Launcher

    Hello, I fixed the link, if it still doesn't work for you try the links here.
  14. Servers List Cleaning

    Thanks, I'll confirm their existence and remove those doesn't exist anymore. *Edit I striked-through all those closed servers in your posts. I made sure that they are currently not operating. Thank you for reporting.
  15. Help !!!!!!!!

    When you are installing the SQL Server, there was an option there if you want Mixed Mode or Windows Auth, you selected Windows Auth that's why however you put different password it's still taking Windows Authentication account.