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  1. Can someone tell me if there's a way to make characters run inside cities like in top2 using top1 client? What file should I edit? CharacterAction?
  2. Skinner

    Question about character movement.

    oh, i don't have any idea of how should i do that xD.
  3. Skinner

    TOP 3.0?

    Check this out guys: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5HaBUeOUkAkTQEGsxhlt0w (I'm not the owner of the channel)
  4. Skinner

    Questions Related to Client UI

    similar problem here.
  5. Skinner

    Can't equip same ring

    same thing here.
  6. Skinner

    Question about TOP servers.

    thank you guys for answering me
  7. Why we don't see top 2 private servers? I mean, there's a lot of top 1 servers, and 0 top 2 servers. Why? just because top 1 is easier to modify? ( sorry for my english)