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  1. He got it from here https://portal-webtop2.blogspot.com/2014/01/serverfiles-top-ii-clean-files.html
  2. Unknown

    Compiler (Tool)

    It compiles server .txt files to .bin like iteminfo, characterinfo for client side. If thats the question you asked
  3. Run it on localhost or Not sure
  4. Is this the one? Did you tested it on clean client? I dont have my pc atm xd
  5. Sorry, but I lost it after i made it. I will remake it after some time, unless some members here go t it already and they could reupload here. After that I'll try to fix any bug which occurs.
  6. can you provide some photos?
  7. Download link: Reuploading.. It might take some time.
  8. I edited every singe file inside of forms folder. It took me about 2 days Preview:
  9. After this one i logged in with windows authentification and created GameDB. Still gives same error
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