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  1. Hello all, This is a program I wrote in java to check the client files for for gem descriptions. import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.File; import java.io.FileReader; import java.io.IOException; public class StringArraySearch { public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException{ //Creation of File Descriptor for input file File readFile = new File("src/stonehint.txt"); //Intialize the word Array String[] fileWords=null; //Creation of File Reader object FileReader fr = new FileReader(readFile); //Creation of BufferedReader object BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr); String stringCheck; String[] input={ "ItemHint_LieYanS", "ItemHint_ZhiYanS", "ItemHint_HuoYaoS", "ItemHint_MaNaoS", "ItemHint_HanYu", "ItemHint_YueZhiX", "ItemHint_ShuiLingS", "ItemHint_ShengGuangS", "ItemHint_FengLingS", "ItemHint_YingYanS", "ItemHint_YanVitS", "ItemHint_YanStrS", "ItemHint_LongZhiTong", "ItemHint_LongZhiHun", "ItemHint_LongZhiXin", "ItemHint_GaNaZhiShen", "ItemHint_HuangYu", "ItemHint_ChiYu", "ItemHint_QingYu", "ItemHint_XTLingGuang", "ItemHint_LKBiZhong", "ItemHint_BBDuoShan", "ItemHint_FFDiYu", "ItemHint_XKQiangHua", "ItemHint_SShuiyao", "ItemHint_SSbusi", "ItemHint_SSguangmang", "ItemHint_SSningju", "ItemHint_SSxuanwu", "ItemHint_HLS", "ItemHint_HYS", "ItemHint_HJS", "ItemHint_BLS", "ItemHint_BYS", "ItemHint_BJS", "ItemHint_CLS", "ItemHint_CYS", "ItemHint_CJS", "ItemHint_ZLS", "ItemHint_ZYS", "ItemHint_ZJS", "ItemHint_QLS", "ItemHint_QYS", "ItemHint_QJS", "ItemHint_GGR", "ItemHint_GGS", "ItemHint_GGOS", "ItemHint_GGC", "ItemHint_GGW", "ItemHint_JinYanS", "ItemHint_MuYanS", "ItemHint_ShuiYanS", "ItemHint_HuoYanS", "ItemHint_TuYanS" }; //Variable to check increments int count=0; //Reading Content from the file while((stringCheck = br.readLine())!=null){ //Split the word using space fileWords = stringCheck.split(" "); for (String word : fileWords){ for (int i = 0; i < input.length; i++){ //Search for the given word if (word.equals(input[i])){ System.out.println(input[i] + " is present in the file"); count++; } } } } System.out.println(""); System.out.println("There are "+count+" gem descriptions in the file"); fr.close(); }//close main method }//class How useful is it? Not very lol.
  2. @mkhzaleh Do I add the skilleffect to the cha_timer function?
  3. @mkhzaleh I have it equipped on the rear pet slot. The issue I'm having is getting the skill bonus from equipping it. Atm I'm trying to see if I can add the effect similar to the kylin effect and see if that works.
  4. Hello all, To get the skill bonus from equipping rear fairies this is what I did. 1. I added the functions to plugin/skill.lua 2. I also added this to cha_timer in plugins/timer.lua, I changed the code to read from the equipment slot instead of the 4th bag slot --Update It works!
  5. @Angelix Wow thanks for the reply, I didn't even realise that it was the hex number for the colours. I would have never assumed that it was hex numbers. Thank you for your insight.
  6. @KONG Thank you for your reply. I realised that it didn't add the last parameter in the StoneInfo.txt, which was why it was not compiling, so I just added a parameter from a gem already there and it worked. I then proceeded to play around with the gem colors that was in the StoneInfo and was wondering where I can get more info about those gem colors. Regards.
  7. Hello again, I'm trying to add Azrael gems to the game and it shows "Error" where the gem stats are supposed to be. I have added this to gem.lua in the plugins folder: -- Azrael Gems appendgem(5845, 4, {1,2,3,4,7,9,0}, ITEMATTR_VAL_STR, 8, 49) -- Azrael's Glare appendgem(5846, 4, {11,22,27}, ITEMATTR_VAL_CON, 8, 50) -- Undead Azrael appendgem(5847, 4, {1,2,3,4,7,9,22,0}, ITEMATTR_VAL_STA, 8, 51) -- Azrael's Light appendgem(5848, 4, {1,2,3,4,7,9,23,0}, ITEMATTR_VAL_DEX, 8, 52) -- Azrael's Aggregation appendgem(5849, 4, {24,0,0}, ITEMATTR_VAL_AGI, 8, 53) -- Azrael's Dance Is there anything else I may have forgotten to do? Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.
  8. @1g0rS1lv4 Thank you for your reply, my error was fixed.
  9. Hello, I'm getting the "MsgProc: function option unknown function" error when I try to add a function to an NPC that gives skills automatically. I added the function to the MsgProc function in npcsdk.lua Any assistance is appreciated. I'm using this as a guide:
  10. @V3ct0r , just curious as to the reason why the password must be 9 characters long?
  11. Thank you, this solution worked for me.
  12. Hi, tired running client and i got this error when I tried to run game.exe from the system folder. I then used a start.bat file to run the client and got this error start.bat code: start system\Game.exe startgame Any assistance is appreciated, thank you.
  13. Downloaded the client from here, Corsairs Online and I'm still getting the same errors. Also tired using @mkhzaleh .exe files that he shared in case I compiled source incorrectly. Please help.
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