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Found 5 results

  1. [Tools] Program for editing GM commands This toolkit is intended for editing (renaming) GM commands in GameServer.exe (commands &) and GroupServer.exe (commands @@). A distinctive feature of the program is that it allows you to set new names for GM commands, both shorter and longer than the original names. For example, the &updateall command can be replaced with &upd, and the &move command with &letsmove. Usage The program is a console application and, accordingly, work with it occurs using the command line in the following form: pkodev.tool.editgmcmd <command> [command-specific parameters] First, the path to the executable .exe file of the program is specified, then the command is selected, and then its parameters are set. To be able to work with a specific target GameServer.exe or GroupServer.exe file, a GM command database file in the .json format is used. This file contains: 1) The name of the target .exe file; 2) The timestamp of its assembly (linker timestamp); 3) GM command character (for example, '&' or '@@'); 4) List of strings with GM command names and their addresses in the target .exe file. An example .json file with the GM-commands database can be found here. The toolkit currently supports (7) commands, which will be discussed next. 1. Command 'name' Display the current GM command name in the target .exe file. Parameters: --in "Path to target .exe file" --db "Path to .json file with GM commands database" (optional*) --old "Original GM command name" For example, the &updateall GM command was once renamed to the &updateall1024 GM command, then the command: pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.x64.Release name --in "GameServer.exe" --old "updateall" --db "pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.json" Will return the following result: The GM-command '&updateall' is defined as '&updateall1024'. 2. Command 'rename' Change the name of the GM command in target .exe file. Parameters: --in "Path to target .exe file" --db "Path to .json file with GM commands database" (optional*) --bp "Backup mode" (optional**) --old "Original GM command name" --new "New GM command name" Example: pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.x64.Release rename --in "GameServer.exe" --old "move" --new "letsmove" --db "pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.json" This will change the GM command &move to &letstmove. 3. Command 'reset' Reset all modified GM command names in target .exe file to the original ones. Parameters: --in "Path to target .exe file" --db "Path to .json file with GM commands database" (optional*) --bp "Backup mode" (optional**) Example: pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.x64.Release reset --in "GameServer.exe" --db "pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.json" Attention! As a result, all previously modified GM commands in the target .exe file will be replaced with the old (original) names. 4. Command 'enum' Output a list of all GM commands in target .exe file as a table to the console. Parameters: --in "Path to target .exe file" --db "Path to .json file with GM commands database" (optional*) Example: pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.x64.Release enum --in "GameServer.exe" --db "pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.json" For an approximate output result, see the image in the topic header. 5. Command 'supported' Print the list of supported target .exe files as a table to the console. Parameters: --db "Path to .json file with GM commands database" (optional*) Example: pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.x64.Release supported --db "pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.json" As a result of the command execution, a list of supported .exe files will be displayed in the console, for example: +------+------------------------------------------------+-----------------+------------------+ | # | Executable file name | Version | GM-commands | +------+------------------------------------------------+-----------------+------------------+ | 1.| GameServer.exe 1.36 (GAMESERVER_136) | 1204708785 | 53 | | 2.| GameServer.exe 1.38 (GAMESERVER_138) | 1225867911 | 53 | | 3.| GroupServer.exe 1.38 (GROUPSERVER_138) | 1224838510 | 8 | +------+------------------------------------------------+-----------------+------------------+ 6. Command 'check' Check if target .exe file is supported by the program. Parameters: --in "Path to target .exe file" --db "Path to .json file with GM commands database" (optional*) Example: pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.x64.Release check --in "GameServer.exe" --db "pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.json" Result: GameServer.exe 1.38 (GAMESERVER_138) (Version: 1225867911) is supported! 7. Command 'help' Get help with the program. Parameters: No parameters Example: pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.x64.Release help Result: Usage: pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.x64.Release <command> [parameters] There are supported commands: 1) name --in <.exe file> --old <GM-command> {--db <addresses file>} Get the original name of a given GM-command. 2) rename --in <.exe file> --old <GM-command> --new <GM-command> {--db <addresses file>} {--bp <backup mode [off|name|time]>} Rename a given GM-command. 3) reset --in <.exe file> {--db <addresses file>} {--bp <backup mode [off|name|time]>} Reset all GM-command names to the original ones. 4) enum --in <.exe file> {--db <addresses file>} Print a list of GM-commands as a table. 5) supported {--db <addresses file>} Print a list of supported .exe files as a table. 6) check --in <.exe file> {--db <addresses file>} Check if an .exe file is supported by the tool. Parameters in the curly braces {} are optional. * '--db' parameter This parameter is responsible for the path to the .json file of the GM-commands database, is optional and may be absent. If the '--db' parameter is not specified, then the program automatically searches for this file in the same directory it is in and with the same name as its .exe file, but with the .json extension. For example, if the program's .exe file is located along the path: "D:\tools\pkodev.tool.editgmcmd.x64.Release.exe", then the program will try to load the GM command database from the file: "D:\tools\pkodev .tool.editgmcmd.x64.Release.json". ** '--bp' parameter Some commands make changes to the target .exe file. In order to prevent data corruption, the program can make a backup copy of the target .exe file. This parameter is optional and, if it is not present, the default value is assumed. The '--bp' parameter only accepts the following values: 1) --bp "name" (default value) - the backup file will have the same name as the target .exe file, but with the .backup extension; 2) --bp "time" - the backup file will have the same name as the target .exe file, but with the .backup extension, plus a timestamp at the time the backup was created is added to the beginning of the name; 3) --bp "off" - do not create a backup copy of the target .exe file. Downloads 1. Actual executable files of the program (.exe) and the GM commands database file (.json).; 2. Repository with the source code of the program in C++ (Visual Studio 2022 Community). If you encounter any problem, bug or have any questions, then feel free to write in this thread.
  2. Редактор ItemInfo Добрый вечер, дорогие товарищи. Написал небольшой редактор ItemInfo. Вид программы: LINK Разархивируйте все содержимое архива в Вашу папку resource. Папку icon доставать необязательно, но без неё не будут отображаться иконки. Также, если вы хотите добавить свои, но они зашифрованы, используйте ДАННУЮ ПРОГРАММУ. P.S. Приветствую пожелания/баги/критику))
  3. Добрый вечер, дорогие товарищи. Довольно тяжело мне давался поиск этой программы, хотя искал по поиску и листал неоднократно.. Решил написать свою. Вид программы: Русский вариант: Английский вариант: LINK P.S. Для использования нужен Net Framework 4.7.2. v1.1 Добавил комментарий по ID. v1.2 Добавил комментарий по CharacterInfo. Для использования, положите рядом Ваш CharacterInfo.txt. v1.3 Добавил мультиязычность; v1.4 Добавил копирование информации с TextBox, дистанцию между монстрами. Исправил пару багов, из-за которых ломалась программа. v1.5 1. Добавлена проверка на пустые поля; 2. Добавлена проверка на координаты(x1 должен быть меньше, чем x2 и y1 должен быть меньше y2); 3. Исправлен один баг, благодаря одному из администраторов серверов; 4. Убран чекбокс на Комментарий; 5. Изменен цвет фона.
  4. First thing first hi everyone!! I'm new in the forum and new on top development... Here some things i want to understand.... Problems 1. Don't know how to create a Patch... As you read up there, i dont know how to make a successful patch to patch my Client, i tried to copy all the txt files in the resource folder on the server files folder and paste then on the Script\table path of the client, and then use a compiler to create the especific .bin file... also put a ip changer and use a .bat file to start the client, sadly that doesn't work... 2. Don't understand what means server files 1.36,1.38,2.0, etc etc.. Well this is the thing... when a download a server file sometimes says 1.36 or 1.38 i don't really know what to do there ,so I just ignore those numbers and install the client i have since 2012 specifically this one: top_setup_2.00_20100824.exe so i have like 7 or 8 server files that says PKO .. that means that in those server files i need to use a PKO Client??? if you can put a link of all the clients all this 3. Tools 2 days a go I get a mega link that have a lot of things in there.. basically everything you need to create a server... as you understand there is a lot of tools and none of then have a description to use or when to use or something to guide newbies.... here some of the tools 1 - Thor_Patcher.exe 2 - ZmsViewer 3 - Yammi or Yammi_Reborn 4 - TopMapReader and TopMapManager 5 - Top PKo Death and Jailbreak 6 - GM Command1.2.exe so yes... i know what the number 6 is.. but when i open the file it says put the path of your gameserver.exe.. i put that and error... of course i had to do something wrong i will put some photos of the things im talking about here.... As you can see i put the path... of course in this case the path don't exist... its just an example... but doesn't matter the way a tried i get the same error :v here all the server files i can download: the majority or olmost 90% of those don't have patches so that mean i have to create one and thats one of my problems!! Here all the tools the mega link have: Here is the Link: https://mega.nz/#F!vMJ1GKSQ!jI44PQJ_ysDK-0RAF7Fa-w Thanks of all and good luck... :V
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