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  1. @MonkeyCode What do you mean remove the code? which code actually?
  2. @V3ct0r Ic, i thought you didn’t know about this guy spamming our dm’s. About repository, idk how to open one so until someone does i’ll keep it this way, if theres a repo i’ll update all the fixes there. Thanks for the answer, you can delete this thread if you want, i just wanted to warn you.
  3. I've been spammed with someother top/pko forum? on my dm's lately, wondering if you @V3ct0r have any idea of that? on the spam i've been said that: "Vector keeps deleting fixes of source codes, so you better join here to be able to get them".. lol ? @Panda
  4. Current Bugs: Guild Color - FLOOD, needs a Cooldown Search Stall - FLOOD, needs a Cooldown In-Game Shop - crashes client when you view some apparels, for ex: Warrior Frock ID 5381 ( This Apparel crashes client even if you have it on invertory )
  5. @yagura2k Thanks for sharing it, but must add this to be able to compile: Open PacketCmd_CS.cpp at the end add: void CS_SendGameRequest( const char szPassword[]) { WPacket pk =g_NetIF->GetWPacket(); pk.WriteCmd(CMD_CM_GAME_REQUEST_PIN); pk.WriteString(szPassword); g_NetIF->SendPacketMessage(pk); }
  6. Also Suggestion: Adding GetPlayerIP/GetPlayerMac at source?
  7. Hi Kong, it’s true that some devs are doing that, i’ve been offered by a few now. Sure you can open a repo i’d be thankful to transfer there
  8. @Mdrst If i'd know i would post it here instead of making a suggestion to him, as he asked for ideas.
  9. @Mdrst But you can't just import or add an option without having a working code, and the current Fps clean code is not made to be used as a Game Option that you can switch between 30/60, i already know where to add the option on client but i asked for the concept
  10. Yeah but thats a clean code same as on normal sources, thats why i suggested adding something as Fps Option 30/60
  11. @Snre3n Maybe adding something as Fps? That will allow players to switch from 30 Fps to 60 Fps through in-game Game Settings
  12. @Maridyri Thanks for the Fixes. If you got time to share the Bank Pin Fix it would be great aswell. Thanks for contribute
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