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  1. Give top-recode a try, https://gitlab.com/deguix/top-recode
  2. top-recode discord channel: https://discord.com/invite/uwcR74E I recommend joining the channel. Most developers working on any variant of the source code should be able to answer many of your questions. After all, they are all derived from the same source code in the end.
  3. Hello! I would recommend you to look at @deguix top-recode, It has every source project you need, ready to compile. - C++ latest flag enabled, Use the latest C++ version available. - easy to setup dev & server enviroment locally. https://gitlab.com/deguix/top-recode
  4. Interesting, I had just started (today) working on import/export models using Assimp. Thanks for sharing
  5. I think you only need to modify ServerSet.txt not 2 or 3. If you rename the server region, you will need to modify client/scripts/txt/server.tx as well. ServerSet.txt 1 Fantasy Isle Epic World 0 0 0 server.tx 1, Epic World
  6. If you just want it to be smaller, maybe you can modify scaling in characterinfo.txt. Not sure what client you are using, so it might not work. In top-recode, the client source had it disabled, but easy to enable. In characterinfo.txt last 3 floats, eg, 1.0,1.0,1.0 for Long Haired Guy (ID 1) . In SceneCreateNode.cpp, function CCharacter* CGameScene::AddCharacter(int nScriptID) // added by clp 设置缩放 D3DXVECTOR3 scale(pInfo->scaling[0], pInfo->scaling[1], pInfo->scaling[2]); // Comment this out // 读表可能有问题。。暂时不支持缩放 //scale.x = 1.0f; //scale.y = 1.0f; //scale.z = 1.0f;
  7. @GustavoHMA Try building a simple C++ program ( Hello World) to see if that works. @Fritt If the issue is because of mismatch of common folder - diff & patch until they match.
  8. This should now compile, and run with provided client in OP. I have also written quick guides for each "step" in the process, I hope these will help the unexperienced to get started.
  9. Planning to re-upload files that should compile. I just snagged the files quickly and it seems like it did cause a few problems.
  10. With @KONG 's consent, CO Client source is being released. VS2003 instructions: 1) Download: Visual Studio 2003: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19PsTGwXYTUiCSq8ilw7DBAyy8pfIhKfU/view 2) Extract 3) Run to "Visual Studio 2003\Visual Studio .NET 2003Setup-NoPrereq.bat" Build Source: 1) Download: https://mega.nz/file/xkZCSABT#WUt1EbIX_oj8UDFIVUJLVt0scpqXO8KunOKOjEc6VE8 2) Extract 3) Open "Client\Client\proj\kop.sln" (Open in VS2003) 4) Set Release Configuration 5) Build Solution (shortcut: CTRL + Shift + B) Setup Client: 1) Download client provided by @Billie: https://mega.nz/file/YDBSgCBJ#-hA05hSYFCHO72LhOTV5mcQK4Rse1QxC1eof8sQD0iE 2) Extract 3) Copy "Game.exe" from "Client\Client\bin\system\" to "Corsairs Online - An Ocean Fantasy\system" 4) Copy "MindPower3D_D8R.dll" from "Client\engine\sdk\lib" to "Corsairs Online - An Ocean Fantasy\system"
  11. If you use source, I would start looking at these two functions: CNpcTradeMgr::LocalBuyFromNpc CBlackTradeMgr::SailToBuy
  12. @KONG Code provided is proof of concept only. Implementation:
  13. // Function: void CHeadSay::Render( D3DXVECTOR3& pos ); // Use this as a reference where to insert the code, its already in source. s_dwNamePartsColors[NAME_INDEX][0] = _dwNameColor; // const stNetChangeChaPart part = _pOwn->GetPart(); const int id = part.SLink[enumEQUIP_NECK].sID; switch (id) { case 6611: { // GM's Necklace in iteminfo s_dwNamePartsColors[NAME_INDEX][0] = COLOR_RED; } break; }
  14. //... static char buf[6]; const float seconds_remaining = _fPlayTime - _fCurTime; const int minutes = static_cast<int>(seconds_remaining / 60); const int seconds = static_cast<int>(seconds_remaining - (minutes * 60)); minutes > 1 ? _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%.2d:%.2d", minutes, seconds) : seconds > 1 ? _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%d", seconds) : _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%.1f", seconds_remaining); CGuiFont::s_Font.BRender(0, buf, x, y, COLOR_RED, COLOR_BLACK); } // End of function void CAniClock::Render(int x, int y);
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