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  1. The files were just messy. I need new files and client.
  2. TBH i dont even know i just use the one spiddex upload on youtube. files and client. it was the Special sword.
  3. Hi is anyone using this same program? ever get this error before?
  4. Hi guys so I've been messing around with my server files, spawned an item used it then my character gets disconnected with unknown error. So i figured i made a new account/character, thinking im just going to abandon the other acc and use this one instead. Nope, i still cant log into a freshly new account/char, anyone had this problem before?
  5. I did check it out infact checked everything out before asking the question. I found the "real" error its not in the garner.txt, the function is not found in any of the lua files. I guess i just have to find it.
  6. Hi thanks for the reply. Yes I did re-use the ones that are already there. I just changed functions since you cannot have 2 in the same file. for example : let me know what i went wrong here.
  7. Hi guys! im trying to add a new npc to my game and i have put the codes in npcscript01.lua, added npc in garner.txt in argent city. But whenever i try to run my game it shows this error - I do not really understand, what seems to be the problem here? anyone can assist a newbie?
  8. That's a drag, well can't be helped i just need to find files that already has 60 fps implemented then.
  9. I got this error help please. I put everything on client side.
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